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  1. Blotolomy

    Undeleted Character Unable to Receive Mail

    Restore Character did the trick. Thanks for the tip! All is well. *grabs the nearest wench and goes after the culprit*
  2. Blotolomy

    Undeleted Character Unable to Receive Mail

    Indeed, the character in question is no longer on my account. I just wanted to see what could be done about it since there is a possibility *cough* that my dear spawn in his frenzy removed his characters AND mine. So most likely the character got deleted at some point.
  3. There's a database amnesia going about. On 13.9.2018, or thereabouts, resident of Kalimdor went hideously missing in the realm of Nighthaven. In the general area of Hinterlands, locals remember the fishy priest well. Rieblin posessed average riding skill and was well trained in cooking and alchemy so it is questionable that lack of content got to her. If you have any observations regarding the incident, be sure to consult your nearest pigeon hole in the speediest manner. https://imgur.com/Qv2nG43 Follow up: Is it a known bug that undeleted character is unable to receive any mail after the operation? That seems to be the issue now. Received mail disappears into void nor can other characters send mail to her. The undeleted character can send mail though, just incapable of receiving any it seems.