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  1. Introduction: Hello, and welcome to this guide which aims to giving you most if not all the basic, necessary information you need in order to play the Hunter class whether on Elysium's Nethergarde or on official Classic when it releases 3 months from now. This guide is meant to be precise and not so long, by no means it will cover every single in and out of the class, but as the title says the main purpose is to get you through the leveling process and getting you raid-ready, all the steps you need for that will be covered here. Also, note that all the info included will be and is meant to be applicable for Classic's release as the game is launching on 1.12 core but with progression phases and phase 1 includes Molten Core, Onyxia and Maraudon while phase 2 includes Dire Maul, Azuregos and Kazzak. Races: Any race in Vanilla got "racials" which are the key point for picking your race and class combination. For playing the Hunter, the available races for you are Orc, Troll and Tauren on the Horde side and Night Elf and Dwarf on the Alliance side. This guide is meant for PvE but I will list what's best for PvP as well. [H] PvE: Troll (Berserking, Bow Specialization) [Best Choice if you are aiming to MinMax at end game] PvP: Orc (Stun Resist, Command, Blood Fury, Hardiness, Axe Specialization) [A] PvE: Night Elf (Quickness, +Base Agility Boost) PvP: Dwarf (Stoneform) Leveling Talents 31/20/0: Beast Mastery is the fastest and probably the only viable spec for Leveling, going full Marksman will cost a ton of mana and won't be anywhere near beneficial as going Beast Mastery, it's like leveling an Elemental Shaman or a Balance Druid. 1 point Aspect of the Hawk 4 points Endurance Training 2 points Improved Revived Pet 3 points Thick Hide 1 point Bestial Swiftness 2 points Pathfinding 5 points Unleashed Fury 2 points Ferocity 1 point Intimidation 3 points Ferocity 1 point Endurance Training 5 points Frenzy 1 point Bestial Wrath 5 points Improved Concussive Shot (If you're on a PvP server and world PvP is going on, but if other wise, 5 points Efficiency will be better) 5 points Lethal Shots 1 point Aimed Shot 3 points Hawk Eye 1 point Improved Hunter's Mark 5 points Mortal Shots Link to the talent tree: http://classicdb.ch/?talent#cq0Gdxxotxqohx Pets: There's a variety of Pets you can choose from, and mostly every type of pet group comes with a unique ability to them, and some groups share some abilities like Wolves and Cats can both learn Dash. If you are planning on going PvE then your best bet will be "Broken Tooth" as this pet got the fastest attack speed in the game with a rate of 1.0 as well as "Bloodaxe Worg" as it got the highest rank Bite, Furious Howl in the game which are buffs that help the raid kill the target your pet is attacking faster. You should focus on taming both of them after getting level 60, and putting the one not in use in the stable. Also you can pass pet skills to other pets after you have learned them in your Beast Training. Good pet choices for leveling would be: Cats: Due to their high attack speed and ability to get tanky at higher levels. Boars: Due to their charge ability and high HP. Wind Serpents: Due to their high damage output. Stat Priority: 9% Hit > Agility (1=2RAP) > Crit Pre-Raid BiS: Head: Backwood Helm or Mask of the Unforgiven (Enchant 8 Agility) Neck: Mark of Fordring or Pendant of Celerity Shoulders: Truestrike Shoulders (Enchant 5 Resist) Back: Cape of the Black Baron (Enchant 3 Agility) Chest: Savage Gladiator Chain or Deathdealer Breastplate (Enchant 4 Stats) Wrist: Bracers of the Eclipse (Enchant 1 Agility) Gloves: Devilsaur Gauntlets (Enchant 7 Agility) Waist: Warpwood Binding or Cadaverous Belt Legs: Devilsaur Gauntlets (Enchant 8 Agility) Boots: Windreaver Greaves (Enchant 7 Agility) Ring1: Blackstone Ring Ring2: Tarnished Elven Ring or Painweaver Band Trinket1: Blackhand's Breadth Trinket2: Royal Seal of Eldrethalas or Devilsaur Eye Weapon: Barbarous Blade (Enchant 25 Agility) or 2x Dawn's Edge (Enchant 15 Agility) Ranged: Blackcrow (Enchant 7 Damage) Quiver: Ribbly's Quiver Arrows: Thorium Headed Arrow Raid Consumables: (Offensive) Elixer of the Mongoose Grilled Squid Ground Scorpok Assay Oil of Immolation Juju Might (Pet) Juju Power (Pet) Juju Flurry (Pet) Scroll of Agility IV (Pet) (Defensive) Flask of the Titans / Flask of Distilled Wisdom Elixer of Fortitude Spirit of Zanza Rumsey Rum Whipper Root Tubers Major Healing Potions Major Mana Potions Demonic Runes Brilliant Mana Oil Free Action Potion Living Action Potion Limited Invulnerability Potion Raiding Specs/Talents: There's 2 viable raiding specs for hunters in vanilla, 1st one is used when your gear is less than 9% hit while the 2nd one is used if you gear is 9% hit+ and as you've noticed you can already gather 9% hit from the Pre-Raid BiS gear BUT note that it won't be your best bet as the spec is very mana intensive and with such gear you will have to sit and drink after every pull if not every mob. 1st Spec Link: http://classicdb.ch/?talent#cbZViohthtIbbV0h (Note that there's 3% Hit from talents, so there's room to gear into more Crit and AP focused gear) 2nd Spec Link: http://classicdb.ch/?talent#ce0M0xxZViohtht Leveling Ability Rotation: Pre Level 30: Hunter's Mark > Concussive Shot > Serpent Sting > Arcane Shot > Auto Shot Post Level 30: Hunter's Mark > Concussive Shot > Intimidation > Arcane Shot > Bestial Wrath > Auto Shot Raiding Ability Rotation: Hunter's Mark > Aimed Shot > Multi-Shot > Auto Shot > Arcane Shot Quality of Life Macros: These macros will be very useful for leveling, grinding mobs and PvP as well. Cast Hunter's Mark + Pet Attack /cast Hunter's Mark /script if GetUnitName("target")==nil then TargetNearestEnemy() end /script CastPetAction(2); /script CastPetAction(10); /script PetAttack(target) /cast Charge /cast Dash Send Pet to Attack /script if GetUnitName("target")==nil then TargetNearestEnemy()end /script CastPetAction(2); /script CastPetAction(10); /script PetAttack(target) /cast Charge /cast Dash Call Pet Back /script PetFollow("Zanza") /script CastPetAction(10); /cast Dash Useful Addon: YAHT - https://github.com/Aviana/YaHT (Helps you time your Auto Shots and abilities) Useful Website: http://vanillawowhunter.com/vanilla-wow-hunter-guide/ (Used as a database for all vanilla hunters as it contains a lot of info on every subject hunter related) Conclusion: I hope you have found this guide useful, and if you have any questions feel free to post them.