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  1. Ok so when you're triggered you cry flaming, when someone else is triggered you cry their a snowflake, gotcha. I know their is different kinds of exploitation, how is that relevant, you claim yourself everyone except the entire alliance side could get to where you where except yourself. And claiming it's "hardly and exploit" hurts you, you realize this right? Because you're not even willing to say what exactly happened, you talk in generalities and using vague terms to avoid what it is you actually did which tells me you know what you did wasn't on the level but want to excuse it. I don't care who you were addressing, this is general discussion not private messaging, anyone can submit a reply. And you seem to know it was 1 person who was "Triggered" who caused this, which again I have to ask myself what story would I believe, someone abused an exploit to reach somewhere to give himself an unfair advantage and people reported him or one person sent a report and the staff blindly sent you a warning. The later could be the case, and if so then you got an ingame mail, just explain what happened and get some answers as to why you're on the receiving end of a warning. "Go watch classic" You seem to want to remain ignorant to how many times you've been told this is NOT classic, this is a VANILLA PRIVATE SERVER. BLIZZARD DOES NOT RUN THIS SERVER, it is run by ELYSIUM, how many times do you need to be told before it sinks into your thick skull. You also seem to give blizzard a pass for putting up a physical wall, which would not be true to the vanilla experience but Elysium who leave it closer to the vanilla experience are treating their playerbase worse for sending you an ingame mail telling you essentially just play fair. Which you could deleted it and moved on, but ONE triggered player needed to go to the forums to complain about it.
  2. If you don't see the punctuation then you're blind or don't know what punctuation is, because it's there. Private servers are not representations of anything, their just servers being hosted privately, some try to retain the vanilla play-style but that's up to whoever is hosting and running it. So calling someone out for saying something outlandishly dumb is now "Flaming and hypocritical" are you going to label me a "hater" next because I pointed out what you said made no sense? Also it would be hypocritical if I said you shouldn't criticism people on GD and then I made the post, because I wasn't flaming, I was just doing that, criticizing you for a really dumb post. Which you've now doubled down on. You've been playing on this server for SEVERAL years and just now this one incident has proven it's not like vanilla? I guess one ingame mail is just cross the line huh, it's almost like this isn't run by Blizzard or something. But I'm sure a DEDICATED player like yourself will come back once you're banned from Classic for exploits. And yes, breaking the game. When you abuse an exploit to prevent the enemy team in a PVP battleground from having a fair chance to fight back by going out of bounds of the intended map or reaching somewhere that the other team can't reach (By your own words) that is breaking the game. I'm sure you'll do some mental gymnastics or change definitions of words to excuse yourself but it's clear the people running the game agree with me since you got the warning, so I don't care what your reply is in terms of "IT'S NOT BREAKING THE GAME LOL". Edit: I forgot to add I barely play, I came on the forums to check some info and saw this post, so if someone on the forums to you is indicative to the players ingame then you're mistaken, especially since someone who has "played for years" should know the kind of players ingame, makes you sound like you're talking bullshit. But to point out I've been pretty cool with people ingame, I played a couple hours in which I buffed randoms, partied up for the human starter zone quests and chatted with people about addons. Wonder what your tantrum says about the players ingame since you've played for years and I've played 4 or 5 hours.
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    The mental gymnastics in order to justify an exploit some people do is on an olympic level. It's not an exploit it's a "Feature", Blizzard said it was ok so you have to do it too,
  4. I'm sorry but holy shit you're stupid. So because blizzard does or does not do something that's now the set standard for everyone else? As Zancon said, you'd have just been banned on live servers so I guess you should have been banned instead of a mail. And how does one mail trigger you so hard you need to screech about it on the forums, you could have just asked what they meant and if you didn't do any of the things explained then say so, but at this point the mail is vague (Probably a lazy copy/paste) and nobody in General Discussion would know what even happened, but instead you make a post whinning about a mail you could have totally ignored and make yourself look like a total moron. "It's been in WoW forever" this is Elysium WoW, you seem to keep forgetting different people run this with different rules, "This is happening all over the beta" This isn't classic wow, this is Elysium, you seem to have a really bad time remembering this. "Dedicated playerbase" but also "I for sure know where I'm going August the 27th" So you're not a part of the dedicated playerbase, you're here out of lack of options, because this is the largest vanilla private server but not out of dedication and the second another option, one who you are delusionally thinking is somehow going to not ban you for breaking the game you jump ship. I've heard some powerful dumb things in my years online but this just WOW blasts past the others, god damn.