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    [UK/ENG] Europae Camertem

    Forgot to add, the guild is setup under the alias 'Europae Camertem' like the title of the thread, if you'd like to join add my new character: Dampyy and I'll add you in, if you're wondering why Dampyy and not my preferred alias of Hex it'd be due to it already being taken (hopefully I can snag it on day 1 of classic).
  2. Europae Camertem Introduction First and foremost, upon joining our Discord and Guild; you'll notice a small population of players (most probably between 5-10). This is because we're a group of friends from either an already existing relationship online or real-life friends. This creates an atmosphere where you can feel welcomed and not forced into a cesspool of virgin drooling and raging. Our Goals/Aspirations As a small guild, for a start our main goal is to raise our membership to the extent where we can get an average concurrent of members to go out raiding and having a bit of fun whether that be taking the noobs out (including myself) world PvPing on a large scale or just mashing out WSG for a few hours a day. By no means will this ever be a raid exclusive guild nor will it be a PvP based guild; we'll be a community that will thrive in friendship and most importantly having fun (which almost every guild forgets about). Future Plans (Classic Release) I'm not too sure about the rules of this forum as to whether or not I can mention Classic as it'll most probably mean the end of it (unfortunately). Suffice to say, we'll be continuing on to Classic (naturally) and will entice our community to come join us to have an optimal session of leveling at ease as well as getting the opportunity to be some of the first people to get into dungeons/raids depending on our size. Languages and Regions With no intentions of creating an NA community, we're going to solely focus on our European servers and friends. It doesn't matter what country you're from or whether or not you can speak English well; as long as you can understand basic English and want to have fun with the game whether you'd enjoy leveling past everyone else or just having a laugh, you're more than welcome to join. What Faction Do We Play We're all Horde scum; we used to be absolutely obsessed with Alliance and we loved the environment, story and characters however; once we became real men and played Horde, we couldn't go back. How to Join In the process of making this thread as well as setting up the guild on this server, I've created a Discord. Due to the nature of the server just being created; people are still funneling in so don't be intimidated by the lack of people inside; it'll soon fill up by the end of the week (when people finish work and real-life things etc etc). Here is a link to our Discord server, if you'd like to join the guild simply join the server and pop me a message with your class/what role you'll be playing (i.e. DPS, Tank or Healer) and I'll give you permissions to access the full server. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/NCQHx76
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    Definitive Warlock Guide

    Really nice thread, thanks for the good advice fellas 😎