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    Little problem with my account

    Already did that 🙂 i really hope i can get my account back :S
  2. qnixd

    Little problem with my account

    My realmlist is correct because I made a new account and playing right now and I already changed my password it's been two days since that and it still don't work I just want to know if I can fix this issue or at least to know what happened to my account
  3. Hello, first of all sorry if my problem isn't for this section but i'm not very familiar with forums. So my little problem is that i can log in with my account in the website, I'm able to see my characters and stuff but when i try to log in the game it's says World of Warcraft has closed this account or something like this and i was just wondering what happened to my account and if it's possible how to fix it because i got there a 60 lvl character which i can't play aparently and had to make a new acc and start all over again :S So if someone know how to fix this or what to do please help me.