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    Update on BC server?

    Good to here. Been waiting forever and a day for a good BC server. Kinda burned out with 1.x. Been playing it for last 4 years or so.
  2. beerg00gles

    Why so toxic now?

    I've noticed this too and this is something that started long before blizzard even announced wow classic. People have become so toxic online now days it's going to kill online gaming. Look at the horizon, there isn't a single decent budget MMO coming anytime soon, if ever. I started online gaming during the days of 300bps modems and what I've seen the online experience erode into since those days is shocking. People think a blanket of internet anonymity gives them a free pass to displace the personal baggage in their lives. And this isn't a "Europe" or "American" thing. EVERYONE. EVERY COUNTRY. EVERY NATIONALITY has their douche bags. People wanna take a few bad experiences from a certain demographic and then run around lumping that entire demographic into that bucket. I can tell you right now, I am American and I despise our younger generation more than anyone. Most Americans over the age of 40 do. We've become a self-centered, self-entitled, toxic, miserable country over the last 10 years and most of these kids need to be taken out back and tuned up and given the parenting they never got. Bunch of brats stomping around demanding free shit while a lot of people on this planet have it much much worse. Our millennial generation grew up with more stuff and more benefits than any generation in history yet they act like spoiled narcissistic brats. It's very hard to be tolerant of people like that.
  3. Seems like there hasn't been any updates in a long time and I hardly ever see anyone on the test realm. Can we get a status update please? Rumors are starting to swirl that the upcoming launch of wow classic has killed the desire for this server. Please tell me I'm wrong. I've been wanting a quality BC server forever and a day now. I wasn't even considering going to wow classic until it reaches BC, if it even lasts that long.
  4. beerg00gles

    Now Hiring: Full Time Paid Developer

    You guys have any desire for people that can contribute less than 40 hours a week, maybe 10? I'd love to contribute, 24 years of development experience in the Bay Area, but have a day job too.
  5. Hmmm... the only spoiled brat I see is the kid trying to exploit the game and then having the audacity to complain about the repercussions of your actions.
  6. I was reading if you have a 58-60 on a 1.12 server you'll be able to transfer to the BC server. Does this mean that new players will start at 58? Or have some way to boost to 58? Thx
  7. beerg00gles

    Stuck retrieving characters only on Nethergarde

    Nah this is a new account, using fresh client with no add-ons. After constantly cancelling and re-logging I was able to get to character creation and create my first toon, now I haven't seen the problem again.
  8. I can't get to the point of creating a new character on Nethergarge. (currently have zero characters there) It's just stuck in "retrieving characters". Tried all the suggestions I've found in these forums and none work. *edit* Now even the Nighthaven server is giving me this problem. Just for the hell of it, I even tried using Proton VPN with secure core enabled and same problem.