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  1. - English - Greetings ! The family and mercantile guild <We will buff you> on Nighthaven - Horde recruit ! Our objective : Buff the world. And we will, we will, buff you. - French - Salutations ! La guilde familiale et mercantile <We will buff you> sur Nighthaven - Horde recrute ! Notre objectif : Buffer le monde. And we will, we will, buff you. PS : We stay on Elysium after Classic release. Be free to join us even if you leave us for it. https://discord.gg/ZdvSSYd
  2. Alizia


    As on Nethergarde..? 🙂
  3. Alizia

    [EN/FR] <We will buff you> recruit !

    The guild is stil active and we have our first lv60 already. We will buff the world !
  4. Alizia


    Just no... Seriously. We just finish to level up to 60, guilds are formed, just NO.
  5. Alizia

    Test of Lore not working

    We did it few days ago, no bug. You just need to speak to him and choose the good answer.
  6. Alizia

    I wonder if someone could defy wow mechanics!

    If you are new in wow, I really suggest you to not level up as prot. It's so hard for absolutely nothing. Use a arms spec, really better, in particular when you reach the lv30.
  7. Alizia

    Need help with this macro plz

    I am not really an expert in macro, so I don't know. Have you tried this ? https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/MACRO_castsequence
  8. Alizia

    Need help with this macro plz

    It isn't the global colddown ? When you launch the mark, you don't need to wait 1 second before launch another spell ?
  9. Alizia

    [EN/FR] <We will buff you> recruit !

    We reached yesterday the 40 players onlines. Join us and we will buff the world !
  10. Alizia

    Demons in Darnassus

    It was the event for the TBC server launch... But it should be finished. This event is just boring.
  11. What the hell is doing on ? Delete this item shop ! T2 selled as candies...
  12. Hi everyone ! Our guild don't move on Classic. So if you don't want that all your components are wasted, don't hesitate to send all, items and golds, on Alizigouille (the GM). It would be useful, thanks for your donations ! Have a nice buff day !
  13. Alizia

    [EN/FR] <We will buff you> recruit !

    The guild won't move on Classic after the release (and never). Be free to join us ! 🙂
  14. Alizia

    Normal realm in TBC?

    No, and it's logical on a game named "World of Warcraft". If you want to be relatively safe, play in group of 2-3 players, most people are too fearful to attack a group.
  15. Alizia

    Delete the item shop

    We didn't even see a donation campaign... There were others solutions. If the server is pay to win, no reason to continue on it and the server will shut down...
  16. Alizia

    BUG QUEST. Verog the Dervish

    You need to kill mobs around to spawn him, as specified in the quest.
  17. Alizia

    population fr

    Il n'y aura jamais assez de français pour faire des raids en français, si c'est la question.
  18. Alizia

    gold spammers

    Carina Chut auto-decline channel invitation + block messages, enjoy : https://gitlab.com/Alizia/carinachutbc
  19. Alizia

    TBC Spamblocker Addon?

    You can use my addon CarinaChut. It decline channel invitations + block messages : https://gitlab.com/Alizia/carinachutbc
  20. Alizia

    TBC Spamblocker Addon?

    The selling channels are always the same ?
  21. I already applied for this, seem they aren't looking anymore... 😕
  22. Alizia

    [Horde] Elysium PVP Server - Guild Master List

    Guild name : We Will Buff You Leader : Alizigouille / Alizholy Guild description : Family and Mercantile Guild Timezone(s) : West Europa Schedule : Every days 1400-2300 Objectives : Buff the world ! Discord : https://discord.gg/ZdvSSYd We will stay on Elysium after Classic release. We recruit low levels first and foremost, what ever your classes. Have a nice buff day !
  23. Alizia

    [EN/FR] <We will buff you> recruit !

    We just arrived on Nighthaven, we need buffers !
  24. Alizia

    LF Guild on Nighthaven Horde

    <We will buff you> stay on this server but we haven't level 60 yet. You are welcome if you can wait us 😛
  25. Alizia

    Classic wow discrepancies

    I'm absolutely agree with you, it's a very great job with the sources we have. I didn't reference classic as a source, but this post can be useful to find true source about each points (when you know what you are looking for, it's always better). They list a lot of stupid mechanics that just can't be false (like Arcane Missiles does not put the caster in combat). Of course Classic isn't Vanilla at all, but it's a good source to check some forgotten mechanics or even reproduce some little events without any source (like the mini-event with this mob https://classic.wowhead.com/npc=10581)