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  1. Buckshot

    WTS/WTT Human Prot Warrior

    Would you be interested in a priest name “Alborne”
  2. Buckshot

    WTS/WTT Human priest

    Looking to trade my priest for a mage decently geared or any character equally geared. Characters name is “Alborne”
  3. Buckshot

    Account Recovery

    Is there any way that we can just get those 2 chars on my account, obviously we could go through any step needed to verify that the account belongs to us.
  4. Buckshot

    Account Recovery

    I've already located Characters in the "Find Character" section and all seem legit. Problem we're having is we can't seem to log into the account. We did a password reset based off the email (because we couldn't remember the username) that we had it under, and when we tried using the information provided it wouldn't allow us to log in. The characters are Tangynips-Alliance Gnome Rogue, and Twopants-Horde Tauren Druid
  5. Buckshot

    Account Recovery

    idk whatever switch took place before the beta for TBC came out. Played for awhile and then came back and characters weren't there and contacted support and said that once TBC comes out our characters would be available again. but that was sometime ago. Still have those messages on Facebook
  6. Buckshot

    Account Recovery

    Hello. So im taking over my brothers account and he hasn't played since before the switch. We tried recovering account and the information he got doesn't match up with the information. but we still tried the information and it wouldn't allow us to log in. Can i get some assistance on how we can get back into the account?