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    Bloodrobe quest bugged?

    Another bug here, I found fix for: I had all the items but it wouldn't let me hand in. So I deleted all my soul shards, then made a new one, and it let me hand in.
  2. caradoc

    Bloodrobe quest bugged?

    The quest is there, apparently Zevrost is not part of the chain on Elysium, you simply go straight to the second part of the chain, Menara Voidrender, in Ratchet. Zevrost in Cleft of shadow is supposed to send you there, but he doesn't. Thanks for the time looking into it.
  3. caradoc

    Bloodrobe quest bugged?

    I'm trying to find out if there are requirements I am unaware of
  4. caradoc

    Bloodrobe quest bugged?

    Says I should get it at 31, but Zevrost has nothing to say to me. How do you get this started?
  5. caradoc

    Leveling Tank LF guild

    HI! Nighthaven and English.
  6. caradoc

    Leveling Tank LF guild

    Hi. I'm looking for a guild to level with/in. Specifically, I an a 21 Orc Warrior trying to learn tanking, so I am looking for some who have the patience to help me with that. If anyone is interested, let me know