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    Looting is changing my camera angle

    This is actually exactly how I have mine already set up. 😕 I appreciate the suggestion, though. Also, I'm on a Mac using the Windows version through the Wine + xQuartz option since the most current version of MacOS doesn't support the Mac version of the download, so I may just be stuck with the issue. Stinks though. Makes fishing tricky, and I have to set a hotkey to reset my camera view after every loot.
  2. Timshelyn


    This fix worked for me:
  3. Timshelyn

    Looting is changing my camera angle

    Update to this: I can't seem to figure out how to fix it. I thought initially it was use of my touchpad for shift + right click and I bought a mouse, same thing happens with the mouse. I just did a fresh install and logged on again and the very first thing I looted, it did it again. Can someone help with this, please?
  4. When I shift+right click to loot all after a kill, it's change my camera angle and has to constantly be reset back to my prefer camera view. I've checked key bindings and can't find an obvious culprit. Anyone else have this problem or have an idea as to how I could fix it?