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    First Aid quest on TBC

    Hello, It's not impossible to start conversation with NPC "Doctor Gregory Victor" in Hammerfall. So, quests to get first aid for Horde don't work and we can't get next level of this skill.
  2. xxSDVxx

    gold spammers

    At least they can limit level from which char can speak, for example level 5 or 10. It will dramatically decrease quantity of spammers.
  3. xxSDVxx

    IMPORTANT: TBC Expansion & More!

    Hello! I suggest to copying not all accounts, but only those that have been active at least for the last year. This way a lot of nicknames will be released. This will be very useful for attracting of new players, as there are now a lot of names taken, but not used. It will be a bit strange if people will come to a new server, and all the nicknames are busy...
  4. xxSDVxx

    Titles Transfer

    Hi, Could you please specify is there any restrictions on copying characters, 58 lvl for example, or all the characters will be copied, even 1 lvl? Thanks