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    gold spammers

    It's like 10-15 minutes passed after I logged in. Check chat window. 🙂
  2. amekassa

    [UK/ENG] Europae Camertem

    In the process of making this thread as well as setting up the guild on this server, I've created a Discord. Due to the nature of the server just being created; people are still funneling in so don't be intimidated by the lack of people inside; it'll soon fill up by the end of the week (when people finish work and real-life things etc etc).
  3. En espérant voir quelques nouvelles têtes s'ajouter à la guilde d'ici peu . . . 😄
  4. know if it is still available to talk to? I've spent a bit of time looking for him without success, so trying this out. Thanks in advance!
  5. amekassa

    Coin issue

    Cool man exactly how you sad. I have on nehergrade a can i transfer to tbc from this one to? A if they say 24h -2x xp is played time or real time?
  6. amekassa

    Requesting GM Help. I messed up.

    I didn't think I did anything wrong. I wanted the ring because of its utility. I wasn't rolling just to take it away from someone else. But I am beside myself now and i'd rather the ring went to Travis. Travis is a priest on the same server.