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    Is vanilla supported?

    Thank you for the quick response. I have done all you said plus more. I don't use plugins, and Ive deleted the WDB and WTF folders a bunch of times. All that just mess up my preferences. I still have no attachments. Also this issue happened to all my characters, even the ones that didn't require a name change. I know there are other mail issues however some might be unrelated. I also had the issue where the characters would get an error while trying to type name. Like you said above the same name characters when migrated caused that issue. I deleted all the bugged names in my friends list, that cleared up that issue perfectly. But this mail missing attachments is very different. All characters and all mail sent before the migration were affected. Maybe the fix you mentioned will fix this specific issue?
  2. Prosetos

    Is vanilla supported?

    I play on the vanilla server and I have an outstanding ticket for the past 4 or 5 days that has never been answered. The big issue I'm having and a lot of others I know are having is the missing attachments in the mails. I play on serval characters and they are always sending stuff to each other, and I have a lot of auctions going on all the time and many things get expired. So I always have a lot of ongoing mail traffic and I don't use the mail as a bank, I just have a lot of stuff moving around. So when the migration hit (which I was not aware of) all attachments disappeared but the mail is still showing. If I showed you the stacks and stacks of stuff in the pages of mails that are missing you would probably feel sick to your stomach. I was planning of going to TBC server but I'm having second thoughts. You what they say.. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
  3. I am not taking aim at any volunteers, I appreciate any time and effort someone donates to this project. I was taking aim at people who are paid to do a job. I assume the core team of engineers and project leaders are paid, I saw your ad looking for a paid c++ developer, and they fact you have a revenue stream that when doing the math should more than support the maintenance costs.
  4. As a general rule. Before you execute a migration script, run it in a QA environment first then regression test it. Also QA needs a well thought out regression test plan before you do anything. All these problems you are having now could have been easily avoided. And to your point of clearing WDB and WTF folders. Those do not store your attachments, they are stored in the backend. Most likely the migration script had truncated the mail attachments table, since I imagine its pretty large. You guys will need to do a join on the old table and the new one since people are already adding/deleting mails as we speak.
  5. Prosetos

    Mail fail

    Yup I lost several hundred items. Someone forgot a table in the database migration. So why was this migration script not run through full regression tests in the QA environment first? ..Let me guess you guys don't have a full regression test plan, or QA environment for that matter.
  6. Hey Maku, same thing happened to me with my chars. Quade, Vajayjay and a bunch of others have to get changed. It is really dumb that the script the dev wrote to merge didnt consider last login timestamp or char lvl. Also it appears to me Elysium does not have a working QA team who would have identified this and other issues before the merge.