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    There was a fresh realm a few months ago, had 0 people and they merged it in Nighthaven... soo nope.
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    elysium is completely gonna die if they open another realm, max 300 per realm. You wont get any new players, just split the already split ones..
  3. Since TBC horde started losing more BGs than usual. We were winning WSGs today and all of a sudden Magmozel appeared, spamming amplify magic on everyone of us when we have no healer on the team, literally just making us take more damage from all their casters, just backpedalling around not doing anything and even breaking CC's such as polymorph intentionally so he can help his horde friends. I started being suspicious when he joined the BG first and some ally players recognized him. Here is a video of him griefing, doing no cc, no dmg, just helping his hordes. https://youtu.be/yOAKIo4-hE0 Do we really need this type of cancer now that we can hardly fill 1 BG nowadays? Also looking at his rank he has probably done this a lot.