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  1. Totokadoba

    Any chance TBC will be up again someday?

    what even happened? I was away for a while and can't log into Stormrage anymore. I can't see any official announcement anywhere.
  2. Totokadoba

    Epic mounts on market

    My Bengal tiger mount only moves 60% speed since the tbc merge. I think some of the mounts & companions broke in the change over. There are 2 riding turtles in the shop btw King. A 0% and a 100%
  3. Is this something that can be done? I had hunters on 2 different servers a long time back. I left the game for quiet a while and when I returned they were both merged on the same new server. It seems a waste having them both there. A couple of friends have shown interest in joining/raiding with my guild but have no desire to x1 lvl through dead Vanilla content on a TBC realm.
  4. Totokadoba

    Mail Fix

    Thanks guys, it makes things so much easier. Good job.
  5. Totokadoba

    respec to Master of Potions broken

    Yeah my respec failed the first time too. The mastery crafting button vanished off my action bar & the 150g came out, but I couldn't learn the new mastery. I flew back to see if I had missed a dialog box & the 'unlearn' option was there again. Worked the second time, the other masters offered me the change when I went to them. That was trans to elixir. Paid 300g instead of 150 but it worked second time. Definitely buggy though.
  6. I've had something similar happen, enchanted some bracers & sent to an alt. The item didn't appear to have the enchant after I mailed it, but after I opened it & moused over it in my alts bag I could see the enchant on it.
  7. Totokadoba

    Mail still not fixed?

    Thanks for your hard work & efforts. I'm finding if I send more than 1 item it doesn't seem to happen . So if I'm sending something worth a lot, I'll split some food/drink and send a water or something with the other item. It might be just luck,, but I haven't lost anything since the primal might vanished.
  8. Totokadoba

    Item Disappeared Mid-Fight

    Ok, thanks for that. Edit: Ticket was closed when I logged on, no item restored though.
  9. Totokadoba

    TBC - BM Hunter pet question

    Train cobra reflexes too, helps your pet hold agro when soloing and I think will lower it's attack speed to something closer to what you're use to having. Also, cats are still a really good dps pet with bite and claw as a BM hunter. Claw does slightly higher damage than gore but doesn't have the double damage chance that gore has. So if you're attached to your cat pet, you can absolutely keep him without nerfing yourself.
  10. Totokadoba

    Mail still not fixed?

    They were both on Nighthaven when the TBC server launched, Totokadoba and Kadobatoto. I had been sending mail between them with no drama, so thought those 2 chars were safe. My account was subject to a merge in the early days, when eleysium first got the nost code. I can't remember the other server name, but I recall a server being locked for a long time and a new server started. I left the game for quiet some time when my guild left for an australian server, and when I returned the 2 accounts had been merged on nighthaven. So yesterday I had been sending herbs and primals from totokadoba to kadobatoto to get his alchemy maxed and open up primal might xmute. So I used the mats I sent to make a primal might and then mailed it back to totokadoba who needed it for the next enchanting rod. I got the mail and it said primal might, but the item wasn't attached. It was annoying when losing 30g ish valued items, but nvm you just move on from that and hope it's resolved soon. But losing 200+g items that are needed to progress is to bitter a pill to swallow. 😞
  11. Totokadoba

    TBC - BM Hunter pet question

    Don't know about other specs, but BM Hunter should get a Ravager with bite, gore, dash, and growl. Gore has 50% chance to do dub damage and is an energy dump ability. so with a steady shot macro with kill command in it, and all the nice energy regen talents, your ravager does really good damage. The highest ranks of Bite & Gore (rank 9) are learnable from the spiders in bone wastes & one of the ravagers in blades edge. If you're a lvling hunter there are lvl 62-63 ravagers just outside of Falcon Watch (the green ones) that have Bite & Gore rank 8 already trained. I think the serpents are more a situational pet for when you need ranged damage?
  12. Totokadoba

    Mail still not fixed?

    I thought this was solved as it hasn't happened to me for a while, lost a primal might sending between 2 of my chars. Same problem as others have had where you get the mail but with no attachment. It's becoming somewhat game breaking.
  13. Totokadoba

    Item Disappeared Mid-Fight

    So I was helping some guys in the Nagrand Arena 'out-of-party' And my leggings just vanished off my char mid-fight. They were the "Leggings of unending Assault" from the long chain quest in Nagrand with all the debt collecting etc. I opened a ticket but no word so far, can these be restored?
  14. Totokadoba

    TBC Mail Bug?

    it's working again now. edit: still not right, some of my chars can send mail to others & some can't. Yesterdays char that was giving me grief is working now, but now I can't send mail between my to highest lvl chars.