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  1. huntsbg

    Light's Hope Transfers are OPEN

    I have the same but it happened during the merge of Nighthaven and the other vanilla server - now there are 2 characters named Nutcracker and I did not receive an option to change my name so now I can't receive mail or be added in friends.
  2. huntsbg

    No Addons Working.

    Also, multiboxing is not allowed on Elysium, so have than in mind.
  3. Also, I have a ticket raised for this for 1 month already in game which has not been serviced - funny thing is that probably you can't see it because of the duplicated name... Please provide me with a name change for my character so that we can see whether this fixes the issue. Then the same can be applied to other people with this problem. I don't think this is something very difficult to do and shouldn't take much time.
  4. bump up because this is still not resolved
  5. OK so should I expect a solution to this or will this just be the state of things from now on?
  6. Hello, Any update on this topic or on the name change thing?
  7. I sent you a PM, please check.
  8. Is it possible to flag my character for renaming as well so we can see whether this fixes the issue?
  9. Hello, I just did the following: On Nighthaven Selyanin sent Runecloth to Nutcracker Selyanin sent 1 copper to Nutcracker I don't receive anything on Nutcracker and I am sure that the reason is the person with the same name - can you check if they are receiving something - I am pretty sure the other character is not used recently. If you can't solve the issue is it possible to grant me with a name change for this character please so I can play normally?
  10. Hello again, There was a server restart on Nighthaven but I am still having the same issue and I don't think something has changed. Kindly asking for a solution to this.
  11. So is it possible to make a scheduled restart because the change has still not taken effect as the server is way too stable 😄
  12. Hi Zancon, Thank you for replying. Did you do this for Stormrage or for Nighthaven? Because currently the problem is still there for me on Nighthaven. Is there a need for server restart for this to take effect?
  13. Now I checked in the site and there is actually a second character with the same name - lvl 6 human Paladin obviously coming from the merged server. https://cp.elysium-project.org/armory?name=nutcracker&realm=1&yt0=Search Can you please provide a solution to this?
  14. Hello, I am experiencing a bug on Nighthaven on my character Nutcracker ever since the two vanilla servers were merged. Basically, I cannot receive any mails or attachments ingame from anyone, either my other characters, auction house or other people. I can send emails to other people just fine but cannot receive anything since the server merge. My theory is that "Nutcracker" is a fairly common nickname so there is a good chance that there is a character with the same name coming from the other vanilla realm (forgot the name) that was merged to Nighthaven. Then is it possible that the other "Nutcracker" has not yet logged in and is currently having the same name and receiving my mails? I guess that if he hasn't logged in yet he will not be asked by the game to change nickname at the character screen and it's bugged. Could you please check this and support because it's not very nice to play without auction house or item/gold support from my higher level chars. I made a ticket for this but no one is replying for a week now.