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    Normal realm in TBC?

    hm, to be honest I never really thought to just quickly log out- that might work in some cases. I usually just let them kill me, or if they're close to my level I try and put up a fight haha.
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    Normal realm in TBC?

    I will offer up a slightly different opinion from others in this thread- from the perspective of someone who also has no interest in PVP. In my experience so far on playing on private servers, and also on retail WoW PVP servers, although there is always the possibility of being killed, *for the vast majority of the time you spend playing*, if you are not seeking out PvP experiences, the questing/dungeoning experience is the same. You get the occasional random kill, very occasional annoying guy who keeps finding and killing you, but honestly... especially since it's not like the server is OVER populated.... it's not that different. It isn't as if there is constant attacks on you and constant corpse camping. Just thought you should know that you shouldn't get the wrong idea. When I finally started giving PvP servers a try, I was really pleasantly surprised at the experience. I basically think of enemy-faction players as another kind of hostile mob that might show up or something. In my experience, I stay relatively unbothered.