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  1. Hello, i get to my relm list and char list but everytime i log in on my char I get into the world for 2 seconds and bam disconnect. thanks iosman _______________________________ videoder online notepad 0x80070490
  2. Hello, I am really having trouble completing quests as a human, best cordless vacuum there are people just everywhere. Same for dwarven zone. So which zone has the least players? Then maybe i can actually progress. thanks iosman
  3. Hello, I can't recall if alt-code characters were used in vanilla, but it looks like the name I wanted to use was already taken. Anyone having luck with using Alt-code characters in the character creation? thanks iosman _________________________________________________ tweak tweak tweak
  4. Hello, These two members of Malicious Intent guild are waiting around people attempting to do the CLUCK! quest and looting everyones' eggs as they turn the quest in. Once you complete the quest you cannot loot the egg again except by continuing this trend of misconduct. Avoid players like this, they're detrimental to a solid community. thanks iosman