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    The current new players won't like it if their current fresh lv 60's get deleted. (I'm one of them). We're treating it as a new server anyway, the AH is new, PvP is fresh for us newbies. If you want a fresh start, make a new account and join us.
  2. They came back and did another round a few days after. It is now fixed. You can lock it if you want.
  3. Last night there was a server message claiming they would revert all the faulty mutes. I think they missed my account. I've had a ticket since last night saying "Your ticket will be serviced soon." but it's been a day already.
  4. What's the usual time they're online (and their timezone)?
  5. I suppose I'm just unlucky then. I'm mostly online throughout the day
  6. Hello, I've been playing for nearly a week on the server, my main here is level 28 and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. However I have been unable to communicate with people outside of party and guild chat and it's limiting what I can do. I've put up a ticket around 5 days ago and I was wondering if the GM's are still active in the Nighthaven server. Thank you for reading this, have a fantastic day.