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    Engineering 1 - 300 Guide

    yep, not to mention that he did that like 3 years ago... things changed, and would love to see if he could update whatever it's here based on those 2: https://www.millenium.us.org/guide/4950.html https://mmoauctions.com/news/wow-classic-engineering-guide-craft-your-way-through-vanilla there aren't many engineering guides, so it might be a good idea to do it!
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    Optimizing the way you Fish [Guide]

    You might also consider adding level breakdown that's available in either of those guides: https://scrutiny.gg/classic-wow-profession-guides/fishing-guide/ https://mmoauctions.com/news/wow-classic-fishing-guide-make-some-money-with-this-relaxing-profession apparently it's also a key aspect!