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  1. <Gamers Zone> is recruting english speakers, serious and friendly players that they are willing to explore the lore and having fun in dungeon and raids, raids programmed from thursday till saturday 19.00 server time, (depends on players online). Guild achievement : Molten core 4 bosses took down since last friday 8/11/2019
  2. Hi guy, i want to give my suggestion to the admin staff, why not add transfering the character from nighthaven to stormrage using vote points, like that you get voted and who ever want to go TBC, he has just to vote then transfer it so he can continue playing.
  3. Elessarii

    MY character in TBC got wow error

    i tried it, still got same error
  4. Elessarii

    MY character in TBC got wow error

    my character in TBC called : elessarii
  5. Hello guys, when the vanilla servers got copied to TBC, my character in TBC get wow error each time, and when i use unstuck service in website, i found my character flying from SW to EPL then i get wow error. please, can i be ported directly to stormwind to avoid those errors please?