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  1. Though I may eventually try my hand at Resto later, I want to learn Enhancement as my main, as it's the only other class besides Paladin I played on live, and Paladins are not only Alliance/exclusive here, but cannot really do anything other than healing, which is merely a secondary consideration for me. So Shaman it is. I have a plan for it as far as talents and professions go. 32/19 Enhancement/Elemental is the talent spread I'm considering right now, with a focus on Storm Strike and Shock spells. For professions, I intend to start with Herbalism/Alchemy for both moneymaking and consumables as I level, then once I've made a decent stockpile of end-game consumables (Flask of Supreme Power, Healing/Mana/Rejuv potions, recommend me some other potions as well), I will drop Herbalism for Mining and gather all the materials I need to hit 300 Engineering in one go, then swap to Engineering for the grenades, Battle Chicken/Arcanite Dragonling and Death Ray (and all the other goodies it comes with). As I'm going for an Enhancement/melee DPS shaman this time, Orc is the race I'm opting for instead of my usual Tauren. Some questions regarding the class and Orc racials: -Does the 5% bonus to pet damage apply to Engineering pets like Battle Chicken/Arcanite Dragonling, or only Hunter/Warlock pets? -Besides Flask of Supreme Power/Distilled Wisdom, Health/Mana pots, what other potions are worth stockpiling before I drop Herbalism? Assume I will also be doing Resto healing on the side when asked to do it. -How desired are Enhancement Shamans in end-game content (I.E top 5-man dungeons and raids)? I'm spoiled by WotLK so readjusting to Classic is going to be a bit harrowing for me, but I'm going to do my best to at least get competent at it, and this class.
  2. Loadsamonie

    Alchemy/Engineering a good profession combo for a Prot Warrior?

    Can a Prot Warrior aiming to tank for raids get by without Engineering? More specifically, can they get by without needing grenades for AoE aggro? Pretty much dead set on Herbalism and Alchemy on my Femtaur Warrior.
  3. Line of thinking would be to use Engineering for grenades for AoE and threat, and Alchemy would give me Mixology for better potions/elixirs. I would farm mats on an alt that I'd level alongside the Prot Warrior simultaneously. Or is Herbalism better on a Warrior for the Lifeblood skill, to help with healing in combat?
  4. Well anyway, the patch fixed the XP event so I can go back to x1, so I'm starting my Shaman now, Loadsaheals. Going to level it as a 1h/shield Enhancement/Resto Hybrid so I can both heal and DPS in dungeons, will build healing gear when I eventually hit 60. Honestly, I might build a gear set for everything: Resto Healing, Elemental DPS, Enhancement DPS and Enhancement Tanking.
  5. I don't even know what this means. Are you trying to say Elysium isn't a good server to play on?
  6. I'm not new to WoW perse, but I am new to Classic and interested for the first time in getting into Healing, since I know it's in demand. I watched a couple of video guides on Shaman Healing last night, and boy was it a headache to process it all, from balancing Int/hSP/MP5 to the ridiculous amount of consumables you're expected to have. I'm also a Pally Tank main from the days of WotLK era, and I have to get into Warrior Tanking for Classic but don't know diddly squat about playing a Warrior in general. Are classes/raids really this complicated in Classic WoW, or is WotLK raiding just incredibly simple by comparison? Are Consumables really that crucial that you absolutely live and die by them? That you must have a fort knox worth of them at all times (I'm assuming tens of thousands of gold worth)? Would I be better off Druid Healing, or is that even harder? In some way I feel like WotLK spoiled me as a player coming into Classic, and I can adapt to change and alter my mindset accordingly, but I need to know what preconceptions and snobbish expectations I need to purge transferring from WotLK to Classic as I reinvent myself into a Classic player.
  7. Well, at least the community has a sense of humor. Was thinking of making four classes Alliance side, one for each race: Tauren Prot Warrior: Mining/Engineering, First Aid Tauren Resto Druid: Herbalism/Alchemy, Fishing and Cooking, First Aid Undead Rogue: Skinning/Leatherworking, First Aid, Lockpicking The fourth I don't know yet, maybe an Orc Hunter. I may do a Tauren Resto Shaman instead too, depends on what options, if any, Shaman has for HoT like Druids Rejuvenate.
  8. And what professions are ideal as well? Was thinking Mining/Engineering for Prot Warrior for grenades to help with AoE threat, and Herbalism/Alchemy for my healer to make potions for all my classes (especially Rage potions for my Warrior).
  9. I'm not used to tanking with anything other than a Paladin, which was my main during WotLK. I'd be game to give Pally tanking a try if it's even somewhat viable on Vanilla, or Ret DPS perhaps, but I have no interest whatsoever in playing Holy spec. If not, then I'd probably go Warrior Tank. I also plan to make a healer, either Resto Druid or Resto Shaman, not sure which one yet (probably whichever doesn't have to use Cloth for BiS and can go full leather or full mail). Alternatively, I could go Alliance for a change with a Female Human Prot Warrior, Female Night Elf Resto Druid, and maybe a Gnome Affliction Warlock to round out the trinity. What exactly is needed right now on both sides?