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  1. I doubt many people will be buying "t3" because it is so damn overpriced!!!!
  2. Icecold

    Aggressive Guild

    I do not believe this is an issue for them to resolve 🤷‍♂️ maybe your friend could ask for you or you can both join another guild? I know what I would be doing.😤😆
  3. Icecold

    Addons not ingame

    I would be over joyed if somebody could link casterbars for me as I cannot find a suitable link
  4. Icecold

    Wts or WTT

    Alliance level 60 mage. 60% mount pretty much a fresh 60. "Icecold" human mage. I would like to see who is interested.
  5. Icecold

    Is this forum moderated?

    I have similar thoughts as to why the forums inactive. game seems to be quite populated but we will see once I reach 60.