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    Hello ive played for a while now and it seems like really great server but sadly lately the population is getting down and thats a bit disturbing but the main reason that i bring up this topic is the coin donation system in the site its really weird to me why in period of 2 weeks the amount of coins is getting lower and lower but the price is the same so im just wondering how much more the coins are gonna drop but the amount of money will stay the same ?? After all as a player who wanna benefit from every aspect of the game i want to use donation system cuz its there but atleast freeze some of the prices and dont bounce them up like crazy cuz its quite questionable if its worthed to spend money since some guy can donate before 2 months lets say and he is getting with like 60 coins more than me just cuz i decided to donate this month not fair for the customers ! Thanks for the attention i hope you will give me valid response to my question or fix the issue cuz i know that elysium project staff is really capable of fixing issues so ye thanks again and have a good day :)