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    Dungeons And Dragons [EU]

    Im looking for a EU guild, im interrested to join. Dwarf pala lvl 41 Przemyslav
  2. Doing the "Test of Righteousness" quest. Need a Jordan's Smithing Hammer. Move to Shadowfang Keep alone, killling all mobs including a Rethilgore, cell keeper, open middle cell but Ashcrombe after clicking on him cannot move to open a courtyard doors, only stays in his cell. What i have to do?
  3. Good day. What about the "World" chat channel? About a week it is dissapeared. Greetings.
  4. PrzemekParz

    Polska Gildia

    Cześć jak chcesz możesz pograć ze mną, szukaj mnie w rejonach Stormwin, Lakeshire i Loch Modan. Krasnolud Przemyslav.