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  1. HEY RAIN! We should open Fresh realm named Nostalrius PVP after Classic hype is over? 😛
  2. Tmaiz

    Light's Hope Transferes Update

    Whythe fuck my account is suspended? I havent sold any gold illegally or any shit to other players
  3. Tmaiz

    Light's Hope Transferes Update

    Hello Valk! Can you answer abit more faster yo tou questions about when you start progressing Elysium Project like old times? and im asking is to too late to download LH characters from https://export.lightshope.org/ BECAUSE STADEN AND WHITEKIDNEY already deleted that site. Se my point in that i was fast and transfered LH Northdale chars to Nighthaven in August when i transfered my chars as Netherwing TBC too. Ive been waiting now when im bored to wotlk in sunwell soon. and classic is nyt good at all, I WANT ANSWER VALKORION AND RAIN? CAN YOU COPY CHARACTER DATA FROM LH TO NIGHTHAVEN. Like WhiteKidneydid in Elysium addmin times you could just to Copy all LH ACCOUNTS TO 1.12 NIGHTHVEN PVP SERVER and open Nethergardelike FRESH SERVER. Im sure many classic gamers wants to try old Nost code harder version of vanilla with Warmane like population like it was Nost/elysium Worlldwide biggest serve. We all wow fans beg you to open fresh server and revive Nighthaven with LH playerbase with it and anathema would br too to to nighthaven. BUT PLEASE! TRY THAT TO MAKE NIGHTHAVEN Very large merged it with with LH accounts Just like real Nostalriuss. and Fresh serverwith Nighthven with 2x exp rate. But the coinshop should belonh to Nightahaven, But would be nice project and i would help you to keep Scandinavion guilds running with Russians. i just say you could make this Elysium good as Nost and better than LH or Kronos. Classic is on AQ40 PATCH RAIN AND WALK Make this best TBC Progression to converted LH and Anathema data (idk is it bossible.. Prprably) So why dont you make this better than warmane and keep Elysium HYPE HIGH like Nost times? BEST REGARDS-TMAIZZZ AND WHAT ABOUT QUESTIONS. PLZ ANSWER AND EXPAIN TO ME! VALK AND RAIN! ARE YOU PLANNING RUN NOSTHAVEN AGAIN WITH COPIED CHARACTERS/LH DATABASE AND PUT TBC OPTION ON. AND OPEN FRESH NOST REALM ASIDE WITH NIGHTHAVEN ANDWER ME IM CURIOIUS AND WANT BEST BIG POPULATED RU/EU/NA and lovel CHINA to soma realm ike in Darrowshire and Lighbringer and ND waf. PLEAS RAIN MAKE THIS ALL HAPPEN ANS FAST AND OPEN LH CHAR DATABASE TO BE DOWNLOADED STRAIGHT TO ELYSIUM PROJECT. JUST ANSWER, IS THAT POSSIBLE TO MAKE THOSE MERGES to nighthaven AND REALM PROJECT??? THATS WHA TPSERVERS ARE DREAMING. WE COULD PROGRESS THIS TO TBC-WOTLK SLOWLY LATER JUST CLEAN YOUR BAD REPUTATION AND RUN START BIG POPULATIED VANILLA REALMS AGAIN LIKE IN OLD DAYS . IS IT HAPPENING ANSWER?????