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  1. I tried Classic for the first month, but the remake is too easy compared to the original game back then. At least I was able to finish the game including almost all of MC by only paying for one month. The raid mobs only have 10% hp and 10% dmg compared to videos from back then and the requirements to summon the bosses have been made very easy. We didn't even have to use tactics to kill the bosses. No lullaby shot, no extra tanks needed for boss minions, no Gheddon group split ups, just everyone hitting as if there were no boss abilities. On private servers I felt immediately like it was exactly like the original when I first tried. Some guilds have cleared MC several times per week, because it was possible at first and were max equipped within the first month already. A lot of npcs, talents, etc were like during BC times, also BC bugs were back. That is, because they used a BC version to make the remake. Problem is of course, the more people a server has, the more people will come. I'm kinda in a loop where I feel like playing vanilla, but have to hope that there will be more people again, so it's more fun. Perhaps something has to happen that brings everyone together at the same time.