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    Whats your favorite game!!

    I love Battle Brothers. Anyone interested in a game like Mount & Blade should definitely check it out. http://battlebrothersgame.com/
  2. I played almost a month of WoW Classic on Blizzard's servers. The latency issues I had were something I never experienced while playing on private servers. It's such a shame. The only fun thing was that there were many more people to play with compared to WoW Vanilla private servers (except Nostalrius in its hayday) which was one of the main reasons I wanted to try out the WoW Classic experience. Besides that, I played with my best friend for the greater part of that month and we were constantly together all the time. I didn't find any other differences between Nostalrius/Light's Hope/Kronos/Elysium or any other private Vanilla servers to those of WoW Classic. I honestly don't think that paying the subscription for a 16 year old game is worth it. I'd rather give my money to FFXIV, which I'm playing right now, and even their base content + one expansion is permanently free to try out and play, unlike WoW Classic. Last month I tried to buy one more month of WoW Classic but my friend made a mistake and bought me WoW Classic for the US instead of the EU region. I immediately refunded the order. Blizzard took my WoW time away in a matter of hours but I had to wait 10 days to get my money back (and in the end I got less money than the amount I paid, not the full price). That made me remember how much I dislike the way the company is run and what they are doing to their other games and how they business practices look like. I don't plan to support Blizzard ever again. Eventually, people will start to repopulate these private servers once the Chinese gold farmers and classic content tires people out. WoW Classic has a huge problem with these farmers and exploiters/glitchers and the Blizzard Devs are not doing anything about it unlike what the Devs on these private servers have been doing since beginning. That is something that Blizzard can look upon and learn. Anyway, I will be seeing you on the Elysium grounds, friends. PS: If I had any power I would try to consolidate small private servers into a bigger one like Elysium and increased the player number in that way.