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    It's quite good on horde side, you usually find groups for the most popular dungeons and get a full av 🙂 but ofc it could be more to have some pug raids going
  2. ilcalmo

    Gold auction doesnt appear!!!!!!

    It got fixed, I found my offer on the website today. Maybe you need to check again.
  3. ilcalmo

    Deutsche Gilden?

    Hey Knallrohr, grüß dich. Ich bin bei "Dungeons and Dragons". Das ist zwar eine englische Gilde, aber falls du noch eine suchst um unterzukommen, bist du mit Sicherheit willkommen. Bin auf jeden Fall auch auf der Suche nach aktiven Spielern und fühle mich dort recht wohl. Besten Gruß
  4. ilcalmo

    New player seeking community

    Hey mate, welcome. Do you play on Horde or Alliance? I started a couple of weeks ago as a fresh player too and found some nice people on the guild "Dungeons and Dragons" on Hordeside. They are really friendly and helpful. The guild is not really big yet but I assume time will manage that. In evenings there are up to 5-10 people online 🙂 If you are interested just write "Tifon" a message, he is the guild's leader.
  5. ilcalmo

    My gold auction doesnt appear

    Hey Djoko, did you manage to fix it? I seem to have the same issue. I tried to sell 10g a couple of days ago and since they didn't sell yet, I wanted to remove the offer. I looked up all the 16-buy-gold-pages a couple of times but couldn't find my offer 😕 Edit: I did a search on each page via browser search function and there is no offer of mine, even tho the 10g are gone.