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    Hey there Filozofs, GM Exxia here. That's something you'd have to suggest on the Discord, or take up with server administration :) - Exxia.
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    Не могу войти в мир

    Привет, я GM Exxia. Это интересная ситуация, о которой я еще не слышал, я бы посоветовал очистить вашу папку WDB для хорошей меры, а если нет, то возьмите realmlist с основного веб-сайта и примените его к своей папке. Если это не сработает, возможно, вам повезет полностью переустановить клиент) - Exxia.
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    I can't ress, Help! D:

    Hey there Yoye, please message me on Discord, Exxia#5442 if this issue is still occurring. - Exxia.
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    error when logging into the server

    Hey there Nightwitch, GM Exxia here. Is it possible you could provide screenshots of said issue to my Discord DMs? Exxia#5442 is my name, I also suggest in this situation you're making sure to type out your details correct username/password, if the issue still consists. I'd suggest reinstalling your client. - Exxia.
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    Revive Problem

  6. ExxiaGaming

    Revive Problem

    I can Yoye, what's your ign?
  7. ExxiaGaming

    Revive Problem

    Hey there Nearlhu, GM Exxia here. I can assist if you still require me :)
  8. Haha, glad I could help. Take care and have a nice day / night!
  9. Good Evening Looneytune, GM Exxia here. With Classic moving into TBC, I do think a few people will come back to Classic/Vanilla servers. But there's still a fair amount of population here regardless of that.
  10. All I can really suggest is reinstalling your client as a whole, and see what happens then. Let me know if that works, I hope it does.
  11. ExxiaGaming

    Cruch Cruch Cruch LOG in ....

    Hey there Townin, I'm fairly sure this has happened a lot recently to some of our players. You just need to restart your client when you log over to another character, I'd also suggest disabling addons for a time and clearing WDB to keep your client in a better condition. But we are aware of it, thanks for telling us again. Take care and have a great day / night!
  12. Hey there Brutalin, GM Exxia here. You don't appear to be HC mode on any of your characters, please try clearing your WDB folder and disabling addons. As they can severely affect your client perhaps it's what is preventing you from logging in, if neither of those solutions work. Just post again in this thread, and we'll see what the next best course of action is :D Take care and have a great day / night! - Exxia.
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    Cannot Convert to Raid

    I believe your issue is just visual, have you tried clearing out your WDB folder. As well as disabling addons yet?
  14. ExxiaGaming

    Cannot Convert to Raid

    If you haven't already fixed your issue, you should try relogging or passing your lead so somebody else can try.
  15. ExxiaGaming

    Cannot Convert to Raid

    Good Afternoon Ynphea. GM Exxia here, will ask about this for you. Will post here again when I have an answer to your question.
  16. ExxiaGaming

    shop unique items bug

    Good Morning EndlessMagic, GM Exxia here. Could you provide a screenshot of your purchase to my Discord Exxia#5442, so we can sort out your issue? You said you purchased 2 but only were sent 1, if you could provide us with said proof we may be able to restore the 2nd one. - Exxia.
  17. ExxiaGaming

    possible timewindow for TBC?

    Good Evening, GM Exxia here. At the moment, as far as I'm aware our TBC Project (Stormrage) Is currently on hold for the foreseeable future. I don't know how long that'll be, but the possibility of Elysium having a TBC realm in the future is there.
  18. ExxiaGaming

    character problem

    The character you mentioned didn't have Hardcore enabled, however your issue sounds like it's related to Hardcore. You sure that was the character?
  19. ExxiaGaming

    character problem

    Good Evening Piterunoo, GM Exxia here. Did you accidentally pick up the Hardcore quest in the starter zone. Your post suggest that you did, if your character dies in Hardcore you're unable to enter it again and it gets deleted. But I can check if was enabled on the character you were talking about in your post. If I find anything will reply again here, take care and have a nice day / night! - Exxia.