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    Issue grouping up

    @ExxiaGaming So my buddy and I did some testing tonight with this issue. We are able to whisper, duel and inspect. When we try to trade it says the other person is busy even when not in any menus. Then my friend created a new account and we are able to join up. This leads me to think it is an issue with the fact his original account and mine are different in some way and not able to communicate.
  2. sampsonNY

    Issue grouping up

    My friend and I have deleted the WDB and even are both starting with fresh elysium project archives. The friend I have mentioned I mentioned has a group that he has been playing with for the last year. they are all able to group up but I my characters get a 'Cannot find' @ExxiaGaming ps I sent you a message on discord too, thanks
  3. sampsonNY

    Issue grouping up

    I am new to the Elysium project but have played a bit of release and classic. So I start a new character (specifically for me a dwarf) I get the first 3 quests in the newbie area. at this point if I add my friends I am able to group up with them. Within a couple minutes I get disconnected from the server. When I come back and try to invite to group or they try to invite me we get a message stating 'Cannot find <Character Name>. I have deleted the elysium and extracted the archive again. I have tried to download a new version. I have created multiple dwarfs. I even created a second elysium account and nothing has worked. I like the idea of the project and want to play here. Any help would be appreciated. Also when my friends try to trade with me they get a message stating I am busy.