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    Can't send or receive mails

    Seems like it was fixed i can send mail to my other characters thank you and sorry for not replying right away @ExxiaGaming
  2. Kathyward

    Can't send or receive mails

    Hello So basically i log on after 2 years to play a bit i tried to send a mail to my alt but i get this message Interface\FrameXML\MailFrame.lua:623: bad argument #1 to strupper (string expected, got nil) I thought it was nothing at first and sent the mail anyway only to realize that i didn't receive anything Seems like that bug happens because someone in my friendlist deleted that character and there is nothing much i can do about it Tried deleting the unknown character from my friendlist but that didn't resolved anything i would appreciate if you can fix my main Kathyward and my alt Fathime both have the same issue Thank you for your time.