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  1. Devbot

    Update 04.11.2016

    Quests Corrected The Blackwood Corrupted monsters behavior. Fixed some issues where escort quests could get stuck at the end. Tooga's Quest fixed and improved. Ancient Spirit fixed and improved (both pre-event and escort). Fixed issue with quests that mail quest rewards. Stave of the Ancients:Fixed Artorius the Doombringer's leash timer and run speed. Solenor the Slayer now requires the player to apply a frost trap to remove his Soul Flame buff. Spells & abilities Fixed some issues where spells with same effects could incorrectly override each other (ex. Blink & Blessing of Freedom). Mechanics Fear effects should now cause a player to lose aggro temporarily. Monsters' Stealth detection tweaked: they should no longer detect players too quickly in some circumstances. Bosses are now generally immune to cast speed reduction effects like Curse of Tongues and Mind-numbing Poison. Elemental type creatures are now immune to Bleed effects. Defense skill is now more effective in reducing the chance to be Dazed. With enough defense it's possible to become immune to Daze. Fixed an issue where elemental attack damage was not correctly amplified in some cases. Items Fixed an issue where the proc chance for some weapons was calculated incorrectly. Fixed an issue with some weapons not proccing off of melee spell attacks. Multiple weapons' proc rates adjusted. Minor loot table adjustments. Discombobulator Ray will now dismount players. NPCs, dungeons and raids UBRS Rend Warchief event reworked and improved. Seal of Ascension is now usable to aid in the encounter. BRD Shadowforge Bridge event fixed. Fixed a bug that could cause players to get stuck after finishing the Cannon Master Willey encounter in Stratholme. Broken Tooth has once again been seen roaming the Badlands. Molten Core Lava Annihilator and Firelord spawn location are now properly randomized. Ancient Core Hound's random spell effects should now hit all players in range. Firelords will now use Soul Burn much more frequently and proc Incinerate with melee attacks correctly. Ragnaros:Ragnaros should now proc Elemental Fire on every successful melee swing. Ragnaros can no longer deal crushing attacks in melee. Wrath of Ragnaros will now display its corresponding yell text consistently. Lava Burst behavior adjusted to more closely match retail. General raid damage has been increased. Ragnaros now ignores banished Sons of Flame when determining whether he should reemerge. Onyxia Onyxia's Deep Breath emote should now use the Raid Warning frame. Misc. Fixed an issue causing some weapons' proc animation to not be properly displayed (and yes, rogues' poison proc animation too). Players should no longer lose their quest rewards due to lack of free inventory slots. Alliance players who die in Blackrock Mountain should now respawn at Thorium Point. Thanks to Chaosvex & Namreeb, a security issue has been identified and patched. WIP Alterac Valley. Hiring excavators & bulldozers to save some NPCs from the deepest depths of Azeroth.
  2. Devbot

    Update 26.10.2016

    NPCs, dungeons and raids Fixed missing reputation penalty for killing some of Timbermaw NPCs. Onyxia's combat behaviour adjusted. Stormwind City Guards (and some other civilains too) now has their weapons correctly sheathed. Stromwind City Patrollers now will correctly change their swords to their lanterns depending on a daylight. Some Molten Core bosses have their combat behaviour adjusted. Sons of Flame no longer immune to crowd control effects. Once again Immol'thar supported in his battle against Highborne Summoners (what tough guys). Adjusted some creatures respawn timers. Some world creatures abilties corrected. Quests Initial epic paladin mount quest (Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker) now correctly available both in Ironforge and Stormwind. 'Freedom For All Creatures' adjusted. Fixed some reasons for quests with followers getting stuck. The Missing Diplomat quest chain fixed. Multiple missing questgivers emotes added. Electropellers everywhere (drop chance adjusted). Further improvements for hunters epic quests. Spells and abilities Pet happiness now should correctly affect its melee and abilities damage. Juju Might, Fengus Ferocity, Rallying Cry of Dragonslayer now correctly affect ranged Attack Power. Misc Anti-spam system tweaks. Fixed reasons causing the server to crash. Adjusted some inconvinient visuals. Items Some dungeon epic weapons drop rates adjusted. Minor loot tables adjustements. Bag of Marbles now contains all 10 marbles in. Pathfinding The soil under charging warriors feets now is more solid. Dead monsters bodies now should be floating less in the air (their sins prevail). Mages should now be safe to blink again. (hail, Undercity blinking lovers). Please, make sure to clean your WDB folder in order to allow some updates to be displayed by your WoW client correctly.
  3. NPCs, dungeons and raids Immol'thar's & Highborne Summoners' combat behaviour adjusted. Quests Demons from hunter epic quests tweaked. Spells and abilities Fixed some possible reasons for players not being correctly cleansed due to fear from multiple sources. Misc Fishing is fixed and available again. Implemented anti-spam system. Server reliability improved.
  4. Devbot

    Update 19.10.2016

    Misc: Players fleeing from duels now correctly stop auto-attack. Combat log now displays some previously missing info (ex: Sword Specialization procs). Fixed an issue where players returning from a battleground could get teleported to a wrong map. Missing Greater Sagefish Schools restored. NPCs, dungeons and raids: Multiple minor tweaks and fixes. Fixed some missing creature gossips. Azuregos & Kazzak respawn timers adjusted (now it really is 4-7 days). Elemental creatures now immune to Poison & Disease effects. Elemental creatures now immune now to their respective element types. Misha now correctly follows Rexxar. — DM Highborne Summoners should no longer prevent you from receiving boss loot. King Gordok & Zevrim Thornhoof combat behaviour adjusted. — MC Lava Surgers & Ancient Core Hounds combat behaviour adjusted. Golemagg & Firesworn missing abilities fixed. Baron Geddon combat behaviour adjusted. — Onyxia Minor adjustments.— Stratholme Cannon Master Willey event fixed and improved.Spells and abilities: Vanish now should correctly remove players from combat. Improved Blizzard should no longer ignore snare immunities. Threat gain normalized for Growl, Distracting Shot, Torment, and Suffering. Quests: The Attack! behaviour and group credit corrected. Pyrewood Ambush is no longer affected by overgrown Santa helper. Hunter epic quests greatly improved. Avenging the Fallen no longer repeatable. Items: Some minor loot tables adjustments. Engineers summoned creatures are now correctly scaled both by summoner's level and their Engineering skill level. Chickenborn returns! Gnomish Battle Chicken now correctly uses its abilities. Pathfinding: Existing pathfinding system replaced by a more reliable one. Polymorphed, feared, fleeing, attacking enemies now should choose their paths more wisely. Mostly "red" monsters should no longer ignore player’s presence in their aggro radius. Monsters should no longer reach textures depths or fly in the sky. Players are less susceptible to join them there. # Yet it requires some improvements, but it already bests it's grandma.
  5. Devbot

    Update 14.10.2016

    NPCs, dungeons and raids: Removed some extra spawned rare world creatures. All fire elementals now should be immune to fire damage. DM North multiple improvements. MC: Resolved a rare issue with Core Hounds respawn check. Minor Azuregos & Kazzak tweaks. Fixed some issues with missing monsters' abilities. Onyxia phase 3 transition fixed. — SFK Forsaken Skills now working as intended. Haunting Spirits are now summoned correctly. Wailing Guardsman will now silence less often. Classes and abilities: Faerie Fire should no longer stack with Faerie Fire (Feral). Clearcasting no longer procs on Wand attacks Items: Gnomish Death Ray backfire fixed. Multiple loot table adjustments. Quests: Guardians of the Altar fixed and improved. Unraveling the Mystery is no longer repeatable. Missing In Action fixed (Keeshan now really does not like orcs). Morgan Ladimore quest chain available and improved. Mana Surges fixed and tweaked. Nathanos Blightcaller's initial quests now correctly available. Gnogaine traffic boosted (quest phial usage fixed). Field Duty (Horde) now working as intended. Blackwood Corrupted once again fixed. Grimtotem Spying fixed. Mechanics: Fixed some issues where items would allow extra usages before cooldown starts. WIP: Pathfinding: we are aware it is number one issue, We are sorry it takes so long already. We are still working on it, and yes, it will be fixed. Thank you for your patience. Stealth: research in progress.
  6. Devbot

    Update 07.10.2016

    NPCs, raids and dungeons: Multiple fixes for missing or incorrect monster abilities. Multiple missing gossip text fixes. Eris Havenfire respawn timer adjusted. Fixed certain battlemaster respawn timers. — BRS Urok Doomhowl event construction is complete.— BRD Ironhand Guardians no longer aggros players' pets. Heart of the Mountain respawn fixed. Emperor Dagran Thaurissan abilities adjusted. Princess Moira Bronzebeard is no longer immune to stuns. — DM Greatly reworked and improved overall (fixes, thousands of them). Multiple fixes for positions and looks. Fixed poor performance issues. Multiple major loot tables fixes. Multiple quest and event-related NPCs' fixes. Fixed multiple NPCs' missing movement options. — Scholomance Spectral Tutors now correctly use their Image Projection.— MC Dark Iron Deposits now are the only minerals in there. Core Hounds hitbox adjusted. Lava Surgers abilities adjusted. — Onyxia Onyxia's Whelps should no longer hate their mother (I AM THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS). Tuned phase transition. Onyxian Warders should now be immune to stuns and incapacitates. Classes and Spells: Fixed some issues where hunter traps could aggro wrong NPCs. Feign Death now should work as intended. Fixed some possible reasons for Preparation and Cold Snap not refreshing players' cooldowns. Stealth detection range fixed. Mind Soothe should now correctly work on high level creatures. Items Multiple minor loot table adjustments. Gnomish Shrink Ray's backfire no longer aggros friendly NPCs. AB & WSG rations & bandages should no longer disappear on zone change. Quests Items of Power now working correctly. Some quests being occasionally broken by the last update now work as intended (Klaven's Tower, Deep Cover etc.) Stranglethorn Fever fixed. Misc. Automated honor calculation system implemented. Command .bgann choosen state is now saved per character.
  7. Devbot

    Update 30.09.2016

    Classes and abilities: - Vanish now should correctly remove roots and snares. - Fixed some issues where the last stacked ability would consume also newly added stacks. - Drain Mana rank 4 is available at trainers. - Fade now working as intended. - Flurry will properly refresh if a crit occurs with 1 charge left. - Fixed Improved Aspect of the Hawk, now procs correctly. (only auto-shots) (hotfixed) Misc: - Footlockers cooldown timer adjusted (greatly decreased). - BRD Chest of Seven Dwarves is lootable once again. - Direct damage now awakens meditating players. NPCs: - Fixed multiple issues with monsters incorrect HP/MP values. - Fixed multiple issues with monsters missing movement options. - Fixed multiple issues with monsters missing abilities. - Fixed some missing gossip options. - Onyxia is no longer reachable with white attacks in phase 2. - Minor Azuregos & Kazzak improvements. Items: - Alliance players now should be able to purchase Rank 5 bracers. - Wolfshead Helm now should work as intended (druids' powershifting is back). - Minor loot tables adjustments. Quests: - Disruption Ends prerequisite fixed. - In Dreams once again researched and fixed. WIP: - Automated live honor update system (no downtime during calculation).
  8. — Gouge and similar abilities should now work as intended. — Pet abilities should now work as intended. — Onyxia should be melee attackable again in phase 2. — Onyxia's aggro range has been adjusted.
  9. Devbot

    Update 24.09.2016

    Loot: - Adjusted loot tables for some boss-specific items. - Adjusted loot tables for T1 raid content. - LBRS key gem drop rates adjusted (nerfed). - Head of Balnazaar drop rate fixed. - No more totems for Alliance. No more librams for Horde. Relics loot tables adjusted. - Engineers' Target Dummies are now lootable. - Burning Steppes' librams now drop correctly. Reliability: - Fixed some server crashing issues. - Players should now return back safely from the Rubbish Chutes (you will be teleported back if textures eat you). - Eliminated some weird perfomance issues at BRS & BWL. - Fixed some possible causes for lag spikes/freezing. Classes: - Fixed incorrect crit damage values for hunters with the Slayer talent (slightly buffed). - Druid stats no longer deviate if player logged out shapeshifted. - Fixed incorrect warlocks' hp regeneration rate (nerfed). Items: - Rocket Helm's self-knockdown debuff is now invisible. - Yet another wrapping paper glitch fixed (no more free buffs). - Shadowcraft/Darkmantle armor sets proc rates adjusted. - Bonereaver's Edge proc rate fixed. Also its armor buff now is correctly displayed. NPCs, dungeons and raids: - Hogger is now a walking death machine (as opposed to a stationary one). - Raptors' attack speed fixed (nerfed). They are still smart and handsome, though. - Fixed multiple issues with monsters' Thrash ability interactions (no Thrash, sometimes Thrash, too often Thrash). - Fixed multiple issues with monsters' abilities being missed or doubled on Evade. - Fixed multiple issues with monsters' not been able to move or autoattack untill Counterspell debuff ends. - Some Maraudon NPCs' abilities adjusted. Quests: - Junkboxes Needed quest reward fix. - Burning Steppes libram quests are now available. - Vyletongue Corruption now is more immersive (behaviour corrected). Spells: - Banished players should no longer suffer unusual effects. Well, at least we stopped their talents from being screwed up. - Abilities that require facing the target now should work correctly. - Impact now works correctly after Ice Block ends. Misc: - Players now can use .bgann chat command to enable/disable receiving BG-launch announcements. WIP: - Huge movement rework is almost at its beta stages. - More dumb creatures' behaviour fixes to come.
  10. Devbot

    Update 16.09.2016

    — Fixed missing loot tables for some Rare world creatures. — Fixed incorrect attack range and hitbox for some creatures. — Some summoned creatures now are as agressive as they should be. — Fixed an issue in the Undercity where some fighting NPCs were causing guards to arrive on the scene. — Illusions of Jandice Barov were rebalanced (less damage, more health). — Searing Ghouls should no longer oneshot you with their Fire Shield. — Flesh Eaters are no longer passive and unattackable. — Onyxia's head is now back in her pockets (added to loot table). No idea where she gets them all from. — Urok Doomhowl temporarily removed. He will be back soon with his event working properly. — Insufficient Rage/Power amount no longer prevents your next auto-attack from firing when your "on-next-swing" ability fails due to a Rage/Power loss. — Targets under hard crowd control effects should no longer gain aggro while affected. — Next-swing abilities can now be activated out of range. — Some summoned creatures' positions are now correctly calculated. — Lava splashes should now correctly activate while players are in fight with Onyxia. — Fixed some possible reasons of scripts getting stuck. — BRD Tomb of Seven outer door restored at its position. — Fixed some possible freezes reasons. — The Blackwood Corrupted quest fix. — Added level restrictions to some world treasure chests to prevent unfair farming. — Primary target of Intimidating Shout now is correctly stunned by fear.
  11. Devbot

    Update 11.09.2016

    Onyxia: — Minor improvement; — Engulfing Flames is now enabled. Molten Core: — Lothos Riftwaker no longer allows dead players into MC unless they die inside the instance. — Sons of Flame no longer use Pyroblast. Quests: — Fix of The Great Masquerade. — Fix of In Dreams. General: — Fixed an issue where creatures would ignore combat in favor of making it to their destination (like the UBRS Rend event). — Almost all civilians in danger should now call for guards. — Fixed damage school of certain creatures. — Fixed possible reasons for scripts getting stuck.
  12. Devbot

    Update 09.09.2016

    — Water-only creatures shall no longer continue snacking on you once you reach land. Or trees. If you're lucky. — However they are going to continue enjoying their gnome snack if you try jumping around until reaching land. — Oh, and you can now flee from land-only creatures back into the cold deep waters. Man eating trolls don't like getting wet, I guess. — Evade now working more correctly. — Scholomance mini-bosses' loot tables re-adjusted. — Some 5 man dungeons epic loot tables have been adjusted. — Araj's Philactery now properly available for free loot for some time after Araj's death. — Windsor should no longer get stuck while you escort him ('Jail Break!', 'Stormwind Rendezvous', 'The Great Masquerade'). (additional fix will be applied soon) — 'In dreams' quest now works properly. (additional fix will be applied soon) — Unforged Seal of Ascension is no longer destroyed on zone change. — Charging into immune targets should now properly engage combat. — Players' HP & MP regeneration adjusted. — Fixed some exploitable exp and loot-yielding creatures. — Squashed some (literal) bugs that were spawning infinitely from their Silithid counterparts. They now disappear after disengaging from combat. — Fixed some aesthetic UI issues (everyone likes a pretty game). — Now players can mount from stealth (stealth auto-cancel, no error message). — Group leader icon now should be displayed from outside of party. Work-In-Progress: — Garr and his adds functionality. — Onyxia tweaks.
  13. Molten Core: — 'Dominate Mind' effect no longer lasts forever; — Cast frequency of Flame Imps' 'Fire Nova' greatly increased; — Fixed creatures' wrong movement speed; — Ancient Core Hound will cast only one selected random spell during combat. (test mode) AQ20: — Fixed creatures' wrong movement speed; 5 people dungeons: — Fixed creatures' wrong movement speed; — Quickfix for dungeon chests that fall under groop loot rules. World: Western Plaguelands: — Araj the Summoner spawn time has been reduced; — Cauldron lords now respawn in a proper way; Misc: — Silithid Swarmers' swarm is less of a nightmare now; — Some summoned creatures no longer yield exploitable EXP on death; — Amulet of Draconic Subversion is no longer destroyed on zone change. Mechanics: — Guards are not-so-usefull anymore (players have to deal some damage in order to gain EXP on creature's death). (RU) Огненные недра: — 'Господство над разумом' теперь не должно быть бесконечным; — Частота использования Огненными бесами заклинания 'Кольцо огня' значительно увеличена; — Исправлена неверная скорость передвижения существ; — Древние гончие Недр теперь используют только одно случайное заклинание. (тестовый режим) AQ20: — Исправлена неверная скорость передвижения существ; Подземелья на 5 персон: — Исправлена неверная скорость передвижения существ; — Исправлено групповое распределение добычи для специальных сундуков в подземельях. Мир: Западные чумные земли: — Араж Призыватель теперь возрождается быстрее; — Хранители котлов теперь возрождаются правильно; Разное: — Членистоноги Силитида, может быть, перестанут теперь сниться вам по ночам; — Исправлено получение лишнего опыта с некоторых призванных существ; — Амулет обмана драконов теперь не исчезает при смене локации. Механика: — Теперь от стражников не так много пользы (игроки должны успешно участвовать в бою, чтобы заработать опыт за смерть существа).
  14. Devbot

    Update 04.09.2016

    Elysium Latest Updates - Ambient looping sword clanking should no longer disturb the players randomly; - BRD Chest of the Seven should be lootable again; - BRD 'Jail Break!' quest should no longer stuck; (test run, not fully released) - Fixed inappropriate creatures speed. Note: both Alliance and Horde BRD quests will be available repaired at once. (RU) - Повторяющийся звук звенящих мечей больше не должен случайным образом проявляться в мире; - BRD: Сундук Семерых исправлен, его снова можно собрать; - BRD: прогресс задания 'Побег!' больше не должен застревать; (в тестовом режиме, не полностью реализовано) - Исправлена неверная скорость передвижения существ. Замечания: задания BRD для обеих фракций после окончательной починки будут доступны одновременно.
  15. Devbot

    Update 02.09.2016

    — 'Kodo Roundup' quest fix attempt #2; — 'Triage' quest & related First Aid recipes now should work blizz-like; — Fixed wrong reputation gain in some cases (if you watched him dying, he forgives you now); — Group loot no longer applied on chests' loot; — Fixed some possible disconnect reasons; — Fixed some broken creatures' loot; — Lightning Shield no longer procs on other procs; — Hotfixed chest interaction with group loot; — First Aid trainers gossips & scripts fixed; — Ore and Herbalism nodes no longer respawn in dungeons, except when the instance has been reset. (RU) — Задание 'Отлов кодо' теперь точно исправлено; — Задание 'Очередь на медобслуживание' и связанные с ним рецепты Первой помощи теперь должны работать максимально корректно; — Исправлено получение некорректной репутации (если монстр умер неподалёку без вашей помощи, виноватым больше не будете); — Открытые сундуки больше не участвуют в розыгрыше через групповой лут; — Исправлено несколько возможных причин выбросов из игры; — Исправлен кое-где некорректный дроп существ; — 'Щит молний' больше не срабатывает от дополнительных эффектов других умений; — Хотфикс содержимого сундуков при групповом луте; — Исправлены диалоговые меню и поведение тренеров Первой помощи; — Руда и трава больше не возрождаются в подземельях вплоть до их перезапуска.