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  1. EddieHunter

    Dhralla's Ultimate Leaf Guide

    Thats just a huge help for all hunters, big thx to you @Dhralla. Killed Burning steppes one just like was described here, Winterspring one also. Silithus one was a bit tough without wlock friend but I made it, just used a ramp trick (jumped down the rump) so bugs couldnt reach me, didnt even kill bugs. Un'Goro - for some reason felhound just charged on me with increased speed after some time during kiting, so I ended up just using Magic dust for CC felhound and nuked the bitch. Took much less time than kiting both. Beware, hound resists the dust frequently. Used all consumables listed (shadow and nature protects, restorative pots, elixirs of demonslaying) and Demonslayer enchanted with demonslaying (huh). Good luck fellow hunters!
  2. EddieHunter

    [A] [EU] Zeth'Kurious - 10/10 MC 1/1 Ony

    Bump. Need all classes atm.
  3. EddieHunter

    ETA on Seal of Wrynn not sucking?

    That is true only for Anathema realm, cause it is already on 1.9.
  4. EddieHunter

    Which addon is this??

    Thx a lot @Cruzix I also searched for that addon name.
  5. EddieHunter

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    Tamed him 2day after roughly 10 hrs of camping. The very east spot, 9.35 st Zeth'kur. Respawn here seems to be like 5 hours. If u are playing on any server except Anathema ( cause it is 1.9) then yes, Lupos is the best possible choice. If u cba to level it (still worth to level him even on 60), then it depends on your aims in game. Broken tooth is best for pvp cause of 1.0 attack speed (though Lupos is still better against pals/wars cause he ignores armor). Any cat (cause of highest damage) or wolf (cause of firious howl for your party) is your choice for pve/raiding.
  6. EddieHunter

    Can't open second window for multibox

    This trick worked fine. Thx mate.
  7. EddieHunter

    Can't open second window for multibox

    Will try it 2day when I'll be at home, thx for your responses guys.
  8. EddieHunter

    Can't open second window for multibox

    Yes. Also got Nvidia card.
  9. EddieHunter

    "The Hunt for Rhok'delar" Guide

    A bit offtopic - whats that addon name which shows trap/mark/sting/wing clip timers? @Raziya maybe u know it mate?
  10. First of all, I have read multiboxing ToU and not gonna abuse it, I just need 2nd window for my bank alt/conjuring/portals. The problem is - I can not use 2nd client for some reason. The client seems to be running, even the game sound can be heard, but there is no video, I just see my desktop and a wow shortcut on a task bar (using win10 OS btw). I've tried all obvious solutions - reinstalled video drivers, reinstalled DirectX, tried windowed mode. Even after OS reinstall problem is still here. LF some helpful advices on this question. P.S. works just fine on other devices.
  11. Для начала - да, я знаю, что мультибоксинг здесь запрещен в большинстве случаев, мне второе окно нужно лишь для банковского альта в том же городе/создания порталов/воды. Так вот, проблема в том, что я не могу запустить второе окно, клиент как бы запускается, даже музыка играет, но изображения нет, на экране просто рабочий стол, хотя и на панели инструментов второй клиент отображен. Видеодрайвер переустанавливал, direct x тоже, пробовал через windowed mode, ничего не помогло. Кстати, даже когда ос переустанавливал (не из за этой проблемы), ничего не изменилось. ОС Windows 10. Очень надеюсь на помощь.
  12. EddieHunter

    Guard Slip'kik

    And I know that book drop chance is not 10 percent ofc, I didnt mention anything about books actually, he drops absolutely nothing.
  13. EddieHunter

    Guard Slip'kik

    Aaaand how is this connected with empty loottable? Other guards drop items as intended. Slip'kik has same items in his loottable but doesnt drop anything atm.
  14. EddieHunter

    Guard Slip'kik

    Guard Slip'kik in Dire Maul North (http://db.vanillagaming.org/?npc=14323) drops no loot at all. I've done 7 DMN runs yesterday and his corpse was just empty, no money, no shackle keys, even no runecloth dropped in any of those runs (not talking about greens/blues). So, is it only me or some ppl also experienced this?
  15. EddieHunter

    The greatest race of Hunters

    I think thats the db telling bs about book, why the fuck one certain (not even hard to deal with) boss would have 25x drop rate of dm class books? (Other bosses have ~0.4 chance to drop books)