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  1. Всё, кончилось. Бтв куда баг треккер переехал? В никуда?
  2. фткyн

    билд для рестора

    Ну это на прогрессе нормальная тема, перед вайпом еще идол можно поставить на уменьшение кд реинкарнейшена.
  3. фткyн

    билд для рестора

    Проблема в том что почти все (кроме хита на спеллы и мили) таланты в рестор ветке нужны и полезны для хила. Хотя в наксе на некоторых энкаунтерах берут тотемы в энхе и импрувнутый реинкарнейшен, лол.
  4. фткyн

    Upper Black Rock Spire

    On valk we had 6 hands of rag, 6tfs on alli side, and 2 hammers and 1tf on horde. Russian guild on nost got both tf braces in one run, also gm(and that man who got em) of that guild was in that lucky on tf on valk guild. Seems bug lol
  5. фткyн

    Which Q reward to take

    Trinket, it's can be handy when you out of shards, you can summ vw command him to stay and run away till he disappear and you get a shard. So it's unique thing, think about that.
  6. фткyн

    Модели персонажей из WoD

  7. фткyн

    Dual monitor question

    You can use any multibox software for it, ofcourse w/o using keybindings features.
  8. фткyн

    Frost kiting video guide

    Frostbolt 1st rank, nova 1st rank, coc 1st rank lol
  9. Золото удалили же. Только не всем, вроде.
  10. фткyн

    Cone of Cold

    Spell ranks doesnt affect, but spells that can be learned before 20 lvl have HUGE penalty.
  11. фткyн

    Cone of Cold

    No, spells under 20lvl had very small by affected with spell power, cone of cold is aoe spell which get only 30% of your sp, and instant so 43%. and also have additional effect so 95%, just use addont Theorycraft
  12. фткyн

    Working SpellStopCasting() with /lunamo

    hmm it should work, dunno, tested it now. You need 2 clicks, first for stopcast, second for holylight
  13. фткyн

    Cone of Cold

    Ye, coc is also aoe so.
  14. Ты сам ответил на свой вопрос, Лол.
  15. фткyн

    Lvl 1 Twink Veryfriendly

    It's a hack, told you.
  16. Seems it's was slow fall from near hill or something.
  17. фткyн

    Lvl 1 Twink Veryfriendly

  18. фткyн

    Ridiculous Wintrading

    anyway it was exist on vanilla
  19. фткyн

    Ridiculous Wintrading

    Btw roll wintrade is blizzlike.
  20. фткyн

    PvP Huntard?

    Hunter ok 1vs1 against every class, bcz can outrange anyone except fire mages, but they isn't a problem for you, but 1vs2 hunter not so good.
  21. фткyн

    Druid PVP - is it true

    You will fc on wsg, you will that inerruption shitter on ab, who runs around and spam 1r moon fire. And motw, thorns, br, inner, decurse, abolish guy in raids. Btw pala is very good healer with huge manapool while major pot will restore like a half of yours mana.
  22. Кто крайний? Я занимал!
  23. фткyн

    Ironforge Dueling Disabled?

    It was allowed around wotlk.
  24. фткyн

    Shaman race question

    Healing is more skill than in dps, i don't think that is real choice between racial traits, so pick that race what you like more, stun resist also can save raid on a many encounters, chrommagus for example. War stomp can be handy on some trash packs and extra hp is also good, but tauren is too big, if you don't ever played on tauren i can say that is not very comfortable in close indoor dungeons like sm scholo