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  1. I think it's gonna be very populated. Probably even more now that Blizz announced official Vanilla is coming. People will be looking to get in some practice, and decide what they'll be rolling on Vanilla retail.
  2. I'm only here for Vanilla. I personally do not like TBC. Certain things... like flying mounts, are deal-breakers for me.
  3. [Poll] Which Class will you play?

    Still finalizing my choice. I love several classes, this is tough...
  4. So hyped! Can't wait!
  5. Fresh Realm Name?

    Possible launch this weekend?
  6. Fresh Realm Name?

    In honor of the first retail Vanilla server I played on.... Silver Hand
  7. Less than 200 online in Elysium

    This is no surprise. The old servers are gonna be dead. Release the fresh server, it is the way forward.
  8. I'd say the sooner it launches, the better. There are quite a few unhappy folks over at LH looking for a fresh start. Seize this opportunity and grab them now.
  9. What would make YOU return to Elysium?

    Undoubtedly a fresh Vanilla server would make me return.
  10. Too Many Vanilla Veterans!

    Vanilla WoW is like a donut. Sure it's old, and maybe time has made it kinda stale. But it's still a donut, and it always tastes good. New MMO's are like a fresh pile of dog crap. Yeah, it's fresh... but it's still dog crap. Guess which one I'd rather eat.
  11. I feel like there is very little loyalty, so the truth is LH will likely retain most players on the old realms. So yes, I do believe Elysium creating a fresh server is probably the best move. Especially to do so before LH does. There are many thousands that will go to the first fresh Vanilla server released, as it's been... what 10-ish months since the last fresh? Plus there are many people that don't wanna play on the old server here or LH, because they believe (maybe rightfully so) that the damage done to the economy and such from the corruption, cannot be repaired.

    Will you guys be rolling on Crestfall?