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  1. "I don't care about server rep at all". Interesting. You tell a person one thing within the game, yet come here to the forums to deflect the OP's claim a while later, implying that you care about your reputation after all? Which is the truth? If you're willing to lie about one thing, why should you be believed that you are telling the truth about another? Edit - the pro move would have been to claim that the OP created that image on a home made server using GM commands to replicate his character and one or two dummy accounts replicated to appear like current Ally players to smear your reputation. C'mon man, you know how these things work. Your golden chance is gone now. Lol your False Equivalence below isn't a valid argument or a defense. tldr; You can safely cross the player Cross off your PuG list.
  2. check out the other part of the forums -- https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/40535-github-vanilla-addons/ You want to pick up Spamthrottle, Autodecline, and SuperIgnore. Spamthrottle allows you to take a key word (especially a set of words ran together without spaces) and add it to a ban list that will take out an entire message containing it from ever showing. Autodecline nukes out invites, charter signings, etc of all sorts. You can select what you don't want enabled to be automatically blocked. Superignore gives you unlimited ignores and whisper refusal features. At the moment there's not much I can recommend involving Gold sales mails. If the server staff had some courage and simply banned the most commonly used free vpn/proxy services relied upon by Mainland China, all of this would be a moot point. That's not the case, so the above is all the advice I have.
  3. Pretty much have the same 2 cents as the rest. In classic it was BoE Blues were all rolled as Need by the party to sell, Greens were rolled Need if you were going to put it on and wear it as an upgrade. Otherwise you were being an ass. This assumes it's a non-guild pickup group run. In today's game just expect everyone to roll Need on all BoE's of any sort that drops. It's dumb but kids will be kids. Put it in the Party chat what you expect for looting before zoning into the instance if you expect something specific. It makes for a better forum post if you have a screenshot of Loot Rules with people saying "sure", the party name list as well, and then the offender being an ass so he can be mocked later.
  4. Gold selling asshats figured out that spacing one word World lines is a way to get around Spamthrottle. Any chance of just going forward with a vpn/proxy ban of the most commonly used China Mainland services to put an end to this?
  5. Being that this is a private server, I have characters that I play to level up on their own accounts each and banker alt accounts with 9 level 1's each that I ran to a capital city. When my main characters have their bank slots fill up, I dual box in the capital city to offload their garbage to the banker alts and move on. I'm really going to miss that with Blizzard retail classic where the accounts are paid monthly. But at any rate this change didn't affect how I played.
  6. This is a very simple, pretty ancient Addon originally developed or updated by a Feenix wow user. What it does is let you cast a spell via a macro which will target whatever nameplate your mouse cursor is currently hovering over. This will work on nameplates and raid frames. The Macro wording is pretty simple. Example. " /cmcast Healing Touch" or " /cmcast Healing Touch(rank 4) " No semicolon is needed for the macro wording above, and just the text within the quotes is used. I use the crap out of this addon for instance running with a shaman as it lets me cast heals while retaining my target for swinging an axe for extra fun. Link -- http://www92.zippyshare.com/v/qS97OhFy/file.html
  7. Nope. People wanting classic expect a museum piece of quality for Blizzard's server as a lasting archive of a critical moment in video gaming history. It is my humble opinion (and I know it's one that isn't shared by many) that Blizzard should launch the servers much like this one did - 1.12.1 talents and bug fixes and balancing from all patches that lead up to that point, with instance / world content added according to a progression timeline. Speaking as both a player as well as a programmer, it makes zero(0) sense to launch a game with historic bugs and poor character design simply in the name of historical value. Consider the following -- Druids dropped animal form each time they stopped to skin a beast they killed on launch. Warlocks did not have a form of fear spell to use on launch. Raid targets such as Nefarian could mind control a humanoid Druid player and force them to use their Teleport: Moonglade spell to leave the raid. Things like this in my opinion have no place in a recreation effort. It serves no constructive purpose. Assuming that Blizzard's Classic is a faithful creation and is successful (I'm absolutely positive it will be), I'm one of those strange players that don't want it to progress to BC and WoTLK. Instead, I'd like to see Blizzard come up with a single expansion that progresses the vanilla content into a finished "What If?" that includes all the original content that was given the axe or left unfinished. Without a level cap increase. This would mean players would see a level 60 version of Caverns of Time, Karazhan, Hyjal, and never completed instances and raids with entrances found in Azshara (huge doors guarded by burbolgs), Tanaris (Uldum entrance), Winterspring (instance entrance down in demon canyon), original designed Hellfire Peninsula, and original design Northrend. Include with this the never-released Azshara battleground that was thick with quests, much like second-patch Altarac Valley. Instead of reliving the glory of BC, Blizzard could cash in on a completely different route of added content that caters to the "I hated arena, I hated flying mounts" crowd that demanded Vanilla in the first place. Oddly enough, a Blizz dev mentioned that they were looking into the above idea of added content. I'm not holding my breath though.
  8. I've been playing on private servers since late 2009 and used to be a support dev on the Trinity Core fork project server of Bloodcraft 3.3.5a. So here is my humble opinion. This server is remarkably good. In the recent past I held Kronos as the paragon of 1.12.1 code quality as Chero paid sharp attention to detail with the topic of dungeon scripting, mob abilities and character class abilities. Unfortunately that server has regressed in several ways with the scripting quality with mob pathing and behavior in particular not being that great. But it did have the correct 4 step process of mob / character stealth interaction that you'd find on a 2005 retail server, as well as key class ability interactions working right such as troll priest Shadowguard correctly processing shadowweave, blackout, and correct spellpower adjustments from all sources. That spell in particular is a bear to work on due to 'ownership' of the effect and how mang0s is written. Enough of that server, we're talking about this one. Nighthaven has numerous strengths with mob pathing and patrols, mobs being linked as groups involving their routes, very good instance scripting (from what I've seen so far), and an incredible stability for the player count during EU prime time on Sundays. I can't stress that last one enough - it is NOT simple for a mang0s based core to juggle 3k+ people out of the box, and this one surpasses that stability by a huge amount. The server does have bugs. One that comes to mind right away would be The Attack! lvl 20 end centaur killing quest in Barrens that has issues with mobs properly having their corpses despawn, instead of leaving a huge pile-up for up to 12-15 minutes. Other bugs involve exceptionally hard to fix class abilities like the troll priest shadowguard interaction that I mentioned above. But I've submitted a few bug reports and the devs literally jump on them within 8 hours to be recognized, and within 24 hours to be confirmed & fixed for the next build. This is a massive quality for a server to have. Seriously, go check the Github for the bug reports in how they are made, when they are posted, and at what times responses were added to them. The team here is furiously busy.
  9. Redcap

    Block Guild Invites

    This addon is amazing. Thank you.
  10. Many rogues are polite individuals when interacting with other players of the same faction. Opening locked chests at a bank for free or for tips comes instantly to mind, and many rogues will assist each other with the poison use quest line. Padding your post count with a tired 4chan meme gets the job done though, I guess.
  11. Redcap

    Rip classic

    The major issue is that Blizzard's representatives in charge of managing the Classic forum as well as directing discussions in other locations are people who play Legion currently and/or never played in 2004 / 2005, and most certainly have not played on current 1.12.1 private servers to have their memory refreshed on the gameplay. So it's a matter of reps being largely ignorant on the topic they're supposed to manage on top of their biases generated from the current game. The fact that Blizzard is open to the idea of changing the game in areas such as class balance and abilities before even giving players a chance to 'play it like it was' is both stupid and telling. Blizzard is going to screw this up. They are not sticking with their announced intention to make a museum piece of video game history, archived as a success story for others to explore. They're going to apply their tried and true formula of "how can we present this game in a way that interests as many people as possible for cash", a method that drove away a huge portion of their player base midway into WoTLK.
  12. I would be okay with full, normal progression of patch content release if Honor and Battlegrounds were released sooner, because for myself and many other players PvP is a huge part of the game. Since that won't be the case, I'm fine with the roughly 1/2 time change.
  13. On many server projects using a mang0s base core, there will not be an internal respawn of a mob's loot table if something is taken. So the short of it is, if someone pickpockets Gamon and does so without causing him to attack, they probably just walk off and leave him standing there spawned without the quest object. Out of politeness, rogues should kill Gamon after picking his pocket so that he respawns with the needed quest item for someone else.
  14. The short of it is, private server projects hosted in NA and the western parts of EU have an easier time for Blizz to lend weight to a C&D issued, in that local judicial systems will work with them in following up with legal action. Most of the time Blizz won't bother with the private server project itself but go after the internet service provider that is hosting the server box set and 'convince' them to drop the private server account. There's a lot more to it than just that, but this is a quick overview of the usual process. Nostalrius was a completely different case due to how large the server population was which in turn generated a MASSIVE amount of Real Money Transaction business happening on 3rd party websites, much (if not all) of which were Chinese. Now, that latter fact isn't a huge deal but the tremendous amount of real money passing hands with Nostalrius being the project making it happen was. All it takes is just a couple of the project staff members to be a part of that RMT sales action going on to open the door to other forms of legal action from Blizzard, and resisting a C&D when EVERYONE knows tens of thousands of USD is being transacted is just begging for financial investigations to be launched. The above is a real world situation and that's how it goes down. It's my personal belief that Nostalrius bugged the hell out rather than let that happen.
  15. Redcap


    For the people mentioning how easy raiding might be with 1.12.1 full talents available, player knowledge being what it is, full raid buffs being used, etc., a big thing to keep in mind is that back in 2004 to early 2005, people largely did NOT raid in full PvE builds. Warrior tanks, for instance, took protection talents to Last Stand only and dumped the remainder of their points in Fury or Arms. This was actually recommended back on the early forum boards. Some exceptions to this existed, like Resto Druids being forced to spec deep for Innervate before it became baseline. Largely though, people raided in their pve farming or pvp battleground specs, and no one really called each other on it. AQ was largely the big launching point for whole raid groups using true raid specs. And there were a LOT of complaints regarding AQ on two points at that time - 1) endless farming for Nature Resist pot reagents and 2) trashing 50 gold per respec every week like clockwork. Leave Elysium's setup alone, and simply use less min-maxed specs as well as off spec classes for roles. There's your difficulty increase if you want it so badly.