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  1. Vanilla is the only version of WoW I care about.
  2. Enhancement

    Zeth'Kur PvP Realm Official Release Date

    As someone who spent way more time in queue on Elysium than actually playing, thank you for this! I will be rolling on Zeth'Kur.
  3. Enhancement

    New server

    Yeah. They've also made more room on the realm status page for the new server. Clearly a 4th server is on the way.
  4. Enhancement

    Support for a 4th PvP realm

    Hope we get a 4th realm soon. It is needed.
  5. If by dead, you mean at least twice the population that the biggest retail Vanilla server ever had, then yes, it's gonna be very dead.
  6. Yes, I've already quit Elysium because the queue is too much. I'll wait for the 4th server.
  7. Enhancement

    Don't open 4th server

    Currently sitting at 13,600 in queue on Elysium... so yeah, please do open a 4th server.
  8. Enhancement

    Fourth server

    I do agree that the 4th sever should come ASAP. The only question is, how quickly can they get the 4th server up? Maybe they don't have the resources to do it yet.
  9. Enhancement

    Ridiculous spawn rates

    No it's not. In fact, I think they should increase the spawn rates even more.
  10. Enhancement

    Don't play on the Fresh Realm

    oh okay, I won't. Cause flask prices are like super important to me and I'm totally gonna base my decision on that
  11. Enhancement

    Hunter or warlock

    BM hunters are gods at solo farming
  12. Enhancement

    Why only one new fresh server?

    One fresh server is a good thing. Multiple would not be. We don't need to spread the population out too much.
  13. Enhancement

    Fresh Server Pvp-Set

    I hope they don't wait till Naxx for the PvP gear update. If so, I probably won't bother ranking. Such a massive time investment for the high ranks, and it's not worth doing if the gear sucks.
  14. Enhancement

    Mobs respawn time

    Basically this. Settle in for a long day and realize it's going to be a ridiculous mess at launch.