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  1. TheFishyOne

    How are Druids in world pvp?

    Crank Dat Dr00d boi.
  2. TheFishyOne

    Need PVE solo Talent advice please

    First off, you’re seriously gimping yourself by n ver grouping. At 10, you can get away with it, but later on, quests will require you to group, and by not having any dungeon gear, your damage and sue i ability will both be low. The whole point of an MMO is multiplayer, ut if you reslly want to go it alone, feral kitty will serve you well. So will boomkin, if you don’t mind drinking after every pull. I can link you some sample builds, if you need them. Good luck!
  3. TheFishyOne

    Will I be worth anything at 60?

    You can raid as any spec; I was a successful pug Raidtankadin back on Nost. The key is to find a guild that wants you. That may seem like a tall order, but they ARE out there.
  4. TheFishyOne

    Enhancement totem support build

    BTW, not to necro an old thread, but which totem do you use in your Relic slot?
  5. TheFishyOne

    Enhancement totem support build

    Yeah, back on Nost, prot warrs loved me, because me being there meant they could throw on their DPS gear and change it up, a bit. Nowadays, it seems like all I do in raids is OT adds and heal with a prot spec.
  6. TheFishyOne

    Enhancement totem support build

    I play a Tankadin, so I am no stranger to the need for mana consumables. What does your gear look like with the 21/30/0 spec? Do you do enough DPS and provide enough utility to justify your raid spot?
  7. TheFishyOne

    Enhancement totem support build

    ‘ey man, thanks for the guide! Would you recommend throwing Earth Shock nstead of Frost Shock to take advantage of the dmg butf from Stormstrike, assuming the Tank has good threat?
  8. I’ve been playing on a certain other TBC server that’s been plagued with crashes since the day it opened, and I’m losing my patience with it. I need my TBC fix. Does anyone have a launch date, or has it not been released yet?
  9. TheFishyOne

    T1 plus Hand of Edward the Odd raid worthy?

    What Duki posted would work well for tanking in a melee heavy raid, but I don’t think it’s terribly applicable to healing.
  10. Duki, Geofram here. I would like to propose a change to your bis tank weapon. The End of Dreams has the same amount of spelldmg that Wraith Blade has, but none of the spell hit or spell crit we really don’t need, plus it has 7 mp5, as well as 8 more STA and 10 more INT than Wraith Blade. Plus, it’s a mace, so the only people who will roll against us are Boomkins, spriests, and ferals who want the atk power mod that’s also on it. Mages and Locks, however, won’t. My GM clued me in on this when I asked to be allowed to roll on Wraith Blade.
  11. TheFishyOne

    Killerduki is a Disgrace to my Legacy

    Why the hate, Cysthen? You are both good at what you do, and although we are a vocal minority, infighting can only weaken and destroy us.
  12. TheFishyOne

    Prot Enchant/Libram Discussion

    Def skill isn’t completely wasted after 440 skill, but you will get better bang for your buck by stacking block, dodge, and parry once you have 440 Def.
  13. TheFishyOne

    Prot TPS Help

    Well, RealmPlayers is giving me guff, so I can’t see your gear, but what kind of weapon are you using? Pallies tank though spelldmg, so get a spelldmg sword or mace, enchant it with the MC spelldmg chant, and use wizard oil. If you’re raiding, greater arcan elixir is good, as well. If you’re going oom, chug major manas, and use Mageblood Potions and Nightfin Soup for mo5. Deathbone plate from Scholo will work, as well.
  14. I am Geofram the Tankadin. Some of you may remember me from Nost PvP. In any event, my current server is going the way of the dodo, and I am looking for a new home. Is this server friendly toward Tankadins? I have lots of (successful) raid tanking experience from Nost. If I come here and offer to tank raids when I’m geared and 60, will people give me a chance, or will most say “lolprot,” the battle cry of the chronic masturbator? Also, if you the nk I can’t tank as a pally, good for you. You may collect your cookie at the prize counter. I was regularly invited to raids on Nost as a MS Tank (Read: NOT a healer with a tankset), so I really have no interest in hearing naysayers tell me that I can’t do things I can, and have, done.
  15. TheFishyOne

    Returning after long absence

    ‘ey guys, been playing onnvarious other servers since my toon from old nost bit the big one, but now I’m back. I have a couple of pally questions, namely, do all our prot and ret talents work properly, and is Consecrate working as blizzlike? Also, how top heavy is the server right now. Elwynn seems populated, but looks can be deceiving.