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  1. Naisuuuu gilduuuu numba oneee
  2. This guild is involved in human traficking i joined and now im in Zimbabwe working as a coal miner
  3. Are you filthy hordes ready to be penetrated no lube on ?
  4. Fresh server kids are the loud minority. Most of the people will be going on the old Nost PvP and all the hype was about the DATABASE returning ( aka the OLD realm ) and not so much about the code being released ( aka fresh servers ) . Fresh server people are relying on a biased strawpoll which was made by a biased streamer promoting going on the fresh server meanwhile 80+ established guilds confirmed rolling on old server literally not 1 good guild is going fresh. Anyways both servers will be packed and good but fresh server kids spamming " LUL old server is dead LUL " are kind of triggering me
  5. Warrior....Warrior everytime