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  1. j9a2per1990

    Development Update 24.05.2017

  2. j9a2per1990

    Elysium Project: Moving Forward!

    Good work, guys! btw where is Vitaliy? I don't see him long time
  3. Hi. Do you plan someday add in game any things like characters transfer between faction, realms, or rename characters? Or merge both realms? Elysium and Zeth'Kur? Zeth'Kur need it :P
  4. j9a2per1990

    Nerf premade BG's?

    But he have right..
  5. Hi. It's legal trade gold between realms? I have at Elysium, need at Zeth'kur. It's OK? Thank you
  6. j9a2per1990

    CZ/SK players

    Trochu to tady třeba oživit.
  7. j9a2per1990

    Elysium PvP Realm Official Release Date

    Hell Yeah! Finally!
  8. Today, now i come from my job and i look forward to my game. Now, for 44min in queue obtain DC.. Don't have comment for this. Our realm have a lots lags and DCs. We can't play and this is problem for all, not only for me. Yeah, fresh realm come. Then maybe it will be better. Maybe, maybe not. I donť want see fresh realm when start and his lags and queue. This is it what we waiting for these long months? Guys, thank you for your hard work, really, really, but.. Why do you make only one fresh realm? Why? I'm sure TWO, maybe THREE "little" realms witch cap 5k is more, more better than one BIG bullshit. We donť need realm with 15k ppl online + 6,5k in queue, lags and instant crash.. ​Sorry for my english, guys and now come. What is your view?
  9. j9a2per1990

    Will the fresh realm?

    Make another TWO, maybe THREE fresh realms with cap 5k each, guys! Better more "little" realms than two, three BIG realms with lags, DCs and endless queue! This is absolutly horrible, really. Guys, thank for your HARD work, but.. for this we w8 these long months? Come, come. More fresh realms!
  10. Greetings. I want to ask if I can write on chat at Nostalrius PvE/P and search for new people to my guild on Elysium PvP. If it's not problem. Thanks.