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  1. I would still kill them, I ain't ranking. Solves few issues. Live with it.
  2. Is there anyway to move the right panel chat box or the mob focus (when you hover over them with the mouse) to somewhere else? Otherwise love everything that has been done! Hugely improved my UI - specially if I can move that sodding box!
  3. So if I do it once i'm fine? Time to get twice as much loot next reset :)
  4. Medivh took 20days to open. And this was a combination of 5-6 "Hardcore" guilds (1 horde side) who farmed the materials. The population of this server was heavily in favour of Alliance and they literally just threw firebloom and stuff at the Horde to get them to complete it. They even gave the top Horde guild "Fury" to bang the gong. Will that happen on this server? Fuck no - there is no interest in helping one another and also would any alliance guild just "give" the gong to Dreamstate? Dream on! Also back then people didn't understand how useful materials like Firebloom would become. Most people thought Fire was crap because it could never be tested in a raid setting (MC+BWL) So until someone thought of how ignited worked with Spell Power. People were still Frost in AQ40 when it released.
  5. You do realise how bad that theory is right? So if I queue as a 6 in Warsong Gulch. Then we can't get any more people. As the 4 spaces cant be filled by puggers or premades (groups too big). On top of that, the "premades" would just queue up as a group of 4 and then queue at exactly the same time. Creating a new Arathi Basin or Warsong Gulch. This was done on Nostalrius and there is no way to stop premading. Even in vanilla you had premades floating around because even they knew how to rank with the honor system and what was best. Just "git gud" and join the premades or enjoy BGs for what they are.
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    I needed something to brighten my day. This thread has given me enough lols for one day.
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    Nostalrius PVP, Raiding Guild Repository

    <TDA> EU Alliance - Sunday/Monday/Wednesday 20:00-00:00 Central European Time.
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    AQ release.

    Yeah, and this is kind of why i'm ... "worried". AQ and Naxx need extensive testing to be blizzlike. Specially the elemental damage of Huhu, C'thun mechanics. If Huhu can crit/crush with her sting like Ragnaros on Nostalrius :/
  9. Just in case people haven't seen - you can find this https://elysium-project.org/timeline I'm not sure if i'm the only one here thinking about this, but doesn't February sounds too early? I mean after Christmas and New Year that gives only 2months for guilds to get their raid roster, ranks and just overall preparation for AQ. This seems way too quick specially for guilds that haven't been able to acquire their old roster or need to look to recruit for 40man raids. But it's not just that which i'm worried about, I've never seen a working version of AQ40 from any server and I didn't see any PTR testing? With the Fresh Server being made does this allow enough time to get everything sorted, playerbase and admin. I'm just worried that it is rushed. Personally I would easily wait another month to allow fights like C'thun (which is hard to fix) to be more blizzlike. This isn't bashing the admins or anything i'm just wondering what other members of the community, from the more hardcore, better geared guilds to those who are still clearing BWL or just finished clearing. Also what is the chance of being in February? Just wondering due to the "to be confirmed". Any word on PTR for AQ40?
  10. TDA or otherwise known as The Dark Alliance are a European raiding guild on Nostalrius PvP looking to recruit good players that are also willing to be involved in our friendly environment. TDA is a very old guild which originally started in Dark Ages of Camelot back in 2002, a few of these players still play today within our guild! We have moved from private server to private server as a very small community until becoming established within the "old" Nostalrius, We have kept in contact throughout the time after Nostalrius shutdown which led us to starting up a new guild on Elysium which shows our bond as a lot of raiders followed us across and leveled on that realm. We want to find raiders who fit within our community and want to experience all the vanilla content. We use a DKP system within our raids, which has worked great as all the rules and layouts are clearly laid out so there are no surprises. However we do use certain limitations to stop people winning items that they shouldn't have. For example a Hunter having Drake Fang Talisman! *typing that makes me feel so ill* Our Raid Schedule is currently - Monday / Wednesday and Thursday 20:00 Central European Time. with Sunday being our farm content (MC/BWL night). Zul'Gurub and AQ20 will be optional but enforced, which will be raided on other days or even after main raids to improve our raiders further! We are currently recruiting 2 Warlocks Even if your class isn't listed here, you can always consider applying and fitting within our community, we would rather have friendly and consistent raiders than an arrogant one. Though we pride ourselves on our community spirit, we do however expect our raiders to be:- Fully enchanted and completely ready to raid, with gear/consumables and spec. Be Mature in your attitude towards guildies and raiding while being able to take criticism and always wanting to improve! Be self sufficient - we expect you to bring all consumables possible for progression. Be punctual and consistently attending raids - or at least warning that you might be late or on holiday. If you are interested in joining our guild, contact either myself (Eyedie), Hoofhearted or Squibbi in game. Or you can message me on these forums if you have any further questions.
  11. Where can I subscribe for fanboyz thread?
  12. Eyedie1

    a pvp dilemma

    Warlocks are definitely the best duelist but this also depends on which pet they have out at the time. If they have voidwalker (they are better against rogues) if they have Felhound (they are better against mages) So if you really want to 1v1 that warlock, then having a pet that you are better against will increase your chances. Also the terrain is highly impactful when 1v1ing. If there is a lot of obstacles to hide behind then the warlock will defeat the mage through DoTs and LoS. So its all very dependent.
  13. Eyedie1

    Custom PvP Brackets

    Honestly before we make any blizzlike changes - I would want to see how the population changes after the 4th-5th November when Blizz-con is finished. I don't know how many or if it might even make a difference. But it could be possible that population is low as people don't want to level (finishing leveling) or get gear because they COULD have a chance at starting a new character for a Legacy Server. Now I think this is a load of bull**** but I can't help but think maybe some people are just waiting for Legacy servers / Corecraft 2.0. If there is no change to population - it could be a nice idea but I don't know how efficiently it would help the server?