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  1. Sabre

    10-19 wsg not working

    Added in 1.8... so working as intended.
  2. Sabre

    Patch 1.6 Best Mage Gear

    The best possible gear for this patch is (good luck getting this): http://realmplayers.com/CharacterDesigner.aspx?data=2uAd8D A slightly more attainable best gear list is: http://realmplayers.com/CharacterDesigner.aspx?data=xWQRB5 And finally, here is a pre-raid best gear list: http://realmplayers.com/CharacterDesigner.aspx?data=b1uT73
  3. Look for BYO if you are on alliance.
  4. Thanks, nice to hear the update Ash.
  5. Sabre

    aux-addon out of date?

    Go in to aux-addon.toc and change Interface: 20400 to Interface: 11200.
  6. Sabre

    Level 10's whispering item links?

    Form of goldselling advertisement where they attempt to manipulate the link.
  7. Sabre

    Took a break and my characters are gone

    Zeth'kur characters went to the Anathema realm.
  8. They want to make alliance lives easier by not spawn camping the only badlands vendor extensively.
  9. Why make the game easier for the extremely few players who want this, and bother a developer who could be fixing actual bugs.
  10. Problem is how meaningless the reputation is. You really don't have to, especially on a private server.
  11. Sabre

    The Active Agent quest rewards

    Added in a later patch (1.7).
  12. Sabre

    Stop experience command?

    It's a bit too unblizzlike.
  13. You need to be friendly reputation with stormwind.
  14. Sabre

    Replacing Death Sound

    Is it the Oblivion death sounds?
  15. Alliance if you want to do bgs.
  16. Sabre

    Scourge Invasion Guide

    He's just saying that it would be cool if it was an exalted only reward even if it was unblizzlike.
  17. Just because you are a rank 14 premade farmer doesn't mean this is an issue to everybody.
  18. Sabre

    Scourge Invasion Guide

    It would encourage players to play more and push to exalted if it required that rep. I agree that it should be exalted only.
  19. Sabre

    Scourge Invasion Guide

    You get a nifty 5 resistance to your shoulders. But yeah, if it's Blizzlike that it requires exalted then it should be fixed.
  20. Sabre

    Scourge Invasion Guide

    Don't really get what you are trying to say here.
  21. Sabre

    Arcane Spirit Power (exploiting the 5 Second Rule)

    It is literally a novelty only.
  22. Sabre

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    That number is wrong, it is more 75%+
  23. Sabre

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Why don't you quit?