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  1. ya trust pre to have a fuckin distorted idea of how fair loot distribution works. (for anyone that doesn't know he famously ninja'd a chromatic carapace and had a juicy reddit thread trying to defend himself, no remorse) if a raid brings 39 people and 1 pug tank, and they have 2 tanks of their own, but they need a third tank so badly they pug a guy, he should get fair roll on any tank gear vs the other tanks. 1/3 chance to win. if you want to fuck him out of loot by making him roll vs 39 other people, including all the dps, all the healers, for TANK LOOT, then why the hell are you pugging in the first place, just run with 39 of your guildmates you don't need a full 40 for MC.
  2. ya garun i know i was talkin to that guy that called loot council "buddy loot" yall doin a great thing here letting everyone know about this corruption!
  3. loot council IMO is still best, it's self-correcting for reasons exactly like this. if your loot council is unfair or corrupt, people will leave your shitty guild because of your fucked up system. Best case scenario, your loot council is a small group of experts in gear progression (IE, what's bis for which class and for how long), and attendance and performance are properly tracked, seniority and merit are both taken into account, and the loot decisions are talked about before raid so that everyone has a pretty good idea of who is getting what before any bosses are even killed, loot council is the smoothest, fastest, and fairest system you can have. And then you have a bunch of shit like this thread! LOL
  4. Good luck, Jindo. Everytime I bring this point, the wider context as you put it, the thread ends up locked. Here's the problem with that position, Roxy: While the high population is often used by staff and by others as the reason for all the unblizzlike changes (dm farming, herbs, polymorph regen, et al), the argument is weak. High population is used to broadly defend every unblizzlike change, where on a case by case basis, sometimes it might apply and sometimes it does not. The implementation of said "fixes" (herb spawn rates in particular) is out of control. I know herbers that get 15+ black lotus per day easily, without significant competition.
  5. Tunes

    Azuregos Bug abuse

    I wonder if you understand what cognitive dissonance means. I don't mean to play the contrarian here, and I won't revisit this again in the thread as I think we're getting dangerously offtopic, but you're literally saying two conflicting things at one time. You can't defend your unblizzlike mechanic changes for whatever circumstance and then use blizzlike mechanic stasis to defend not fixing a bug. Yea... Yea... your first two sentences are true. But back up a second. Expansions brought a lot of what I'm asking for? I'm asking for Azuregos to be fixed. I haven't asked for any of the changes to herb spawn rates or dire maul or anything else. I wish that unblizzlike changes had never been made and I think that it continues to be one of the worst parts of Elysium. I realize though that ship has already sailed. I get that if you begin "fixing things" that in the end, a lot of vanilla was demonstrably broken and you never run out of things to "fix" until we're all playing Legion. That is EXACTLY MY POINT on this particular issue. You've already, by your own admission, begun "fixing" things. Ok, thank goodness I've got a useful sentence here, that you're aware of a bug. OK. With the teleport, apparently. But not with Azuregos' regeneration or evade mechanics when the boss returns to where the boss was pulled from. but there you go using that word again, blizzlike. And as to what I disagree with, the vanilla feel of vanilla, I don't think you've been paying attention. I'd be pleased as punch if all the unblizzlike changes that have been made to this server were reverted so it was actually blizzlike, and not just a "blizzlike experience".
  6. Tunes

    Azuregos Bug abuse

    Would you entertain me by explaining how changing npc/boss mechanics in dire maul to prevent solo farming supported by a higher population and an intangible "blizzlike feel"? How is changing the npc regeneration when afflicted with polymorph supported by those same reasons? Blizzlike is an objective description. "Blizzlike feel" is subjective. You choose what "blizzlike feel" means whenever the as-close-as-possible-to-retail-vanilla-wow "blizzlike" definition doesn't fit what you want. If you won't admit that it doesn't matter. It's self-evident. I'm cracking up when you un-ironically call a bug a feature. Azuregos is not travelling to the spot he was tagged at. He's not regenerating health at all.
  7. Tunes

    Azuregos Bug abuse

    Going to quote a member of the Azuregos kill group that was robbed: My expectation is that the mob is tagged, and the raid with tag tries to kill it. an enemy faction raid is free to try to kill us. If they are successful and do so, the boss should evade, regenerate it's health, and return to the spot where it was tagged. This npc is being stolen, before it returns to the spot where it is tagged. It does not have any time to regenerate health. You (staff in general, not you specifically Indormi) have already made unblizzlike changes to the server, including changes which I quoted above, and even specifically changes to npc regeneration in the past (polymorph) in the effort to make a better experience. You can't play the "blizzlike" card when your server is only "selectively blizzlike when we feel like it"
  8. Tunes

    [AddOn] aux and more

    Hey again Slesvig, your suggestion last time and direction on where to edit WIM worked like a charm! I wanted to ask you if there's a way to set npcscan to do 2 things; i would like it to stop removing names from the list once found, and I was wondering if there's a way to make the pop up change location on my screen (it just so happens to obscure where i have my unit frames) Thanks so much, take care.
  9. Tunes

    [AddOn] aux and more

    Hey! I use your updated WIM, I like that there's an option to block whispers from people under 10. What are the chances that this can be made editable? perhaps to block whispers from people under any user-set level? Since elysium already blocks people from 1-9 from whispering, chinese spammers level to 10 and then whisper people goldselling advertisements. If your addon would block people equal to and under 10, I think it would reduce the goldspam i see! thanks!
  10. Tunes

    [AddOn] aux and more

    Thanks for the fast response! I tried Postal, and I got this error on launch: And I got these errors when I interact with the mailbox: I also updates Aux to the latest from github and now it gives this error:
  11. Tunes

    [AddOn] aux and more

    Hi shirsig, love your addons, I've had some trouble with them though, so I wanted to share. I admit that some of the problems I have are probably addon conflicts. Clean Up: I have no idea how this works. I assume maybe there's a button or something on the default bag ui that is added. I use onebag/onebank so I suspect a conflict here. Cooldowns: This addon is amazing, it's so clean and simple. I don't seem to have a minimap button for it. However, that's a nonissue as I'm happy where the default location is. The problem is that amplify curse doesn't seem to be detected. I hope this feedback helps. I really do like your addons, thank you very much.