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    Max Pet Resistance?

    In my continuing need to max the effectiveness of my pet, I'm wondering if there are any ways to push its spell resistance higher. We get up to 120 resist through training, and then another 40 or 60 through our tier gear through the "Nature's Ally" buff. However, nature's ally isn't stacking with either pally auras or druid buffs, so in tier 2 my pet is stuck at 180 resist. Can we go higher? Are pally auras/totems/druid buffs/aspect of the wild supposed to stack with our tier bonus?
  2. lupos scales well with raid buffs like might and battleshout, it's just a matter of making sure people remember or are willing to buff that pet and then of course keeping it alive!
  3. Between the two, not as a dwarf or troll, which is better dps? Does getting gun skill to 304 give more hit chance than the 1% on blackcrow? Asking as a hunter on elysium, no Rhokdelar for a while for us. Edit: nm found the hit chance formula on here. Looks like the rifle brings your miss chance vs bosses to 7.4... though wearing marksmans bands with the rifle would take your miss chance down to 5.9?
  4. Proto

    Hunter weapons...

    You're not gonna find better weapons as a hunter till ZG when you can get the fang and war blade, when everyone else has weapon upgrades long before that in MC, Ony, BWL... even brd(ironfoe). Don't stress about it.
  5. Proto

    Question on pre-raid BIS gear - Elysium PvP

    I'm wondering why blackcrow is even considered pre-bis given what's known about +weapon skill. Would not the flawless arcanite rifle give much more than 1% hit and also have harder hitting aimed/multi since those are normalized to weapon dps and not speed here?
  6. Proto

    Leveling a lower level pet

  7. Proto

    New to WoW and the Hunter Class

    Rais Autoshot is the addon you need that shows your shoot timer. With it you can fire a shot, run from your mob or player and know exactly when to stop to fire your next shot... important for kiting some mobs along with wing clip/concussive shot/ice trap... also super important for weaving abilities like aimed shot and multi shot in between your autoshots later on. levels 1-10 are brutal. Once you get your pet, leveling becomes super easy. Any new pet will take several hours to get to a good loyalty level and until then constantly need an annoying amount of food. even though your pet will be your Tank, don't be afraid to have a second monster attacking you if you have to pull multiple monsters, the pet can pull it off you after you finish killing your first monster. One trick you should master pretty early on is the jump shot. Basically while running away from something you jump, mouse spin your character around real fast, use whatever instant shot ability, and mouse spin back before you land. Why? Maybe to use concussive shot if something is chasing you to slow it down, or to use distracting shot if you want to hold aggro on something while your pet or Group kills the thing chasing you. Your group will love you when suddenly that hard hitting impossible to kill Elite becomes trivial
  8. Here you go! http://web.archive.org/web/20070329053514/http://petopia.brashendeavors.net/html/articles/skills_list.shtml#growl If you're leveling with a cat, you mainly want claw on alongside growl. I'd highly recommend getting and teaching dash and prowl to your cat when you can but leaving them off, so you can choose when you want it to chase something down or be stealthy. As for the rest of your question, pets can only learn abilities relevant to their type... so no teaching a Cat charge although that would certainly be OP :D
  9. Proto

    Development Update 08.02.2017

    On hold for over an hour? the escort is only 10 min I guess the escort would've had to be broken or stuck atm. agh edit: players in the stormwind keep are saying highlord bolvar fordragon is stuck. that could be it
  10. Proto

    Development Update 08.02.2017

    As of now, and for the last hour, Squire Rowe won't summon Marshal Windsor to do the stormwind rendezvous quest. The NPC just says "Marshal Windsor has been expecting you, Proto. Unfortunately, he is currently indisposed. He should be returning shortly". Is this normal, or should he have a shorter respawn time? (elysium server)
  11. Proto

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    I have a Lupos on the nost/anethema server. Tested it against ogres in DM North and it consistantly does the about the top damage on it's character sheet; it doesn't seem to be mitigated. Crits are pretty big. As for the new spawn cycle, I still stand by it being a total nightmare compared to the old 1 spawn system. I've never seen it tamed, only found the corpses from regular players killing it at the spawn points I'm not at. The most agonizing was watching it pop in front of me have a clueless 25 hunter kill it before I could tame. (on elysium)
  12. Proto

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    That really sucks, so basically lupos is a nightmare to find now? Fluctuating timers at randomized spots?
  13. While leveling, having my pet on defensive seems to be near useless as it only will attack my target once it's nearly on top of me. Is anyone else having this problem? Of course, just keybinding Pet Attack and Passive is the way to go anyways, but having a working defensive for chill grind time would be nice.
  14. Proto

    Development Update 12.15.2016

    Yes thank you! This should up the difficulty of a lot of encounters should it not? And buff some class abilities and make that lupos I leveled to 60 actually worth it.
  15. Proto

    Can it run Vanilla?

    Hey that looks almost like my build! Except the 960 M.2 hard drive for mine is backordered so I haven't been able to turn it on yet. Can WoW even run in 4k?