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    Horde lowbie gankers?

    There is nothing strange with that. Rogue use Evasion ability and you can't really hit him.You will see only misses on almost all your melee hits. Also using Tea which gives energy make him able to pull huge damage burst.People who come there for pvp almost always have a decent gear, much better than the one you have normally during leveling. Also if someone with similar level attacks you it's not ganking, it's just real open world pvp.
  2. Morghen

    Murloc Scale Belt

    Item link: https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?spell=6702 With my friend I just spend 2 hours farming mats for this belt, the he crafted two of them, one for himself and one for me. In his bags both belts looked exactly the same in terms of stats but when he traded belt to me he lost all stats and become white item instead of green. After contacting GM in game I got ridiculous answer than he can do nothing about that. So now I ended up with useless item and wasted time. So, how many other craftable items in game changing quality and stats after trading to another player? Would be niece to know that before crafting anything on this server...
  3. Morghen

    Ressurection sicknes

    Long time I didn't see the feature like that in any game... penalty for NOT LOGIN to the game... I just logged after about 2-3 months of break and I noticed that my character got resurrection sickness 10 days... and this suppose to make this server more popular? Really, hard to believe that anyone would come up with this idea...
  4. Morghen

    Aimed shot

    Casting time of Aimed shot rank 1 should be 3 s(in normal circumstances-no buffs or debuffs). Is there any reason, hidden mechanics or whatever why casting time is 3.78s.? (measured it several times and all the time the same result - 3.76-3.78s)
  5. Morghen


    I know all of this, I am not PvP'ing since today ;) I wouldn't complain if I would get less honor for a player who I killed 2-3 times during a day.... I am complaining because of obvious issues like 6 points per killing 20 lev character and 20 for killing 16 level.... I also specified grades and levels and I am not killing anyone more than once.... about bug tracker, link from above post is unavailable.... I am not going to chase this issue... somehow cant post anything on so called "bug tracker" wherever it is....if you guys don't care then it's not my problem :)
  6. Morghen


    Still all bugged.... Today I killed dwarf warr (corporal) 20 level(he attacked me first with full hp), and I got 9 points.... Seems no point for open fair pvp If I am getting more honor for killing 16-17 level lowbies than for killing 20-21's.... Have fun guys...
  7. Morghen

    Hunters pet

    Ok, I am trying hunter recently. I got first pet. Named him.... after a while his name was changed automatically to "unknown"...... pet dismiss nor reload didn't help... Is it "standard" feature on this server? -.- Also, when buying higher level talents for a pets , lower level talent become unavailable but I am not paying more training points nor I am not getting more stat. Example: I bought stamina level 2(+5 stamina) straight away, without buying stamina level 1(+3 stamina). My pet got + 5 stamina but now I cannot buy stamina level 1....
  8. Morghen

    Guild invite block?

    hi, On PvE server there is a guild of morons "Schindlers Ignore List" where members spamming invites to everyone in local(Barens now) I got around 20 invitations within 2 minutes. Ignore for some reason doesn't work . Anyone have any suggestion about addon which would work in vanilla to block guild invitations? In TBC blizzard added guild invitation block in options..sadly not present in vanilla...
  9. Morghen


    I cannot go to bug tracker, I am getting following error: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your connection is not secure The owner of report.valkyrie-wow.org has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website. This site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to specify that Firefox may only connect to it securely. As a result, it is not possible to add an exception for this certificate. Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- with IE site do not open at all.... it clearly says that your web site is configured incorrectly??? so, I am reporting it here and do whatever you want if you care.... I already said relevant info: my level is 22(scout). for killing 25 level I got between 2-4 honor(dont remember now exactly), this guy didnt have any rank for killing other guy 18 level no rank I got 20 points.... No one of them was honorless target or anything like that. Today when writing this post I tested it again. I killed 23 level hunter, no rank and i got 26 points... then I killed another hunter , no rank, level 23 and I got...15 points.......... 21 lev priest no rank = 21 points. 21 lev rogue, no rank = 19 points 20 lev palladin no rank =14points. 16 level mage no rank = 15 points...?(thats far too much) and another time 16 warr, no rank = 4 points (which is reasonable for this level) 19 level hunter private - 11 points seems rewards are much lower than they were before and in some cases just ridiculous like for this 16 lev mage far too much. Before I was getting around 60-70 points for killing 24-26 level characters....
  10. Morghen


    so no response to this, means no one cares... really? Devs have nothing to say about screwing up honor?
  11. Morghen


    Did anyone noticed anything wrong with honor points during lower level world PvP? I am 22, I killed 25 character and I got 3 points...... few minutes later I killed 18 lev character and I got...20 points....????? That doesn't make any sense.... before merging servers I was getting around 70 points for higher than me characters and around 20-30 for similar levels to mine... now I am getting 3-4......... and yes I know that killing someone multiple times lower honor points reward for it... Is it working as intended, what means it makes open pvp pointless? or is it just another bug?
  12. Morghen

    Quest items

    I got quite interesting issue. Have been doing quest in Arati, Raising Spirits with a friend who already finished it. It was about killing raptors and looting quest item. The odd thing was that until my friend looted mob I couldnt pick up my quest item. Normally in situation like that if there is a quest item for you in a mob you should be able to pick it up regardless loot distribution option (in my case it was standard group loot). Finally we came into the situation that my friend couldnt loot mob, I couldnt loot it either but still there was something there because my friend is a skinner and couldnt skin this raptor.......... Quite odd and annoying bug.....
  13. Morghen

    Mail Scammer

    I got similar email from player nick: BELKA . Unwanted COD 5g for a green gloves with frost spell dmg. Very bad attempt to scam me.....a special that warlocks do not use frost ... During 12 years of playing on retail never got any unwanted COD on any of my over 40 characters there.... here barely 1000 players during a peak and it happened..... I should say gz?