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  1. Aethelwulf

    Rolled a Human Priest

    Ah yes, eye-rolling. Right up there with scoffing and turning your nose at something for disputing viewpoints you do not appreciate. But that does not make the facts any less true. If you believe "racials do not even remotely matter in PvP" you are simply bad at PvP. Skilled players understand that victory and defeat are a function of the tools you have at your disposal and how well you use them. Weaker players believe in skill as a more magical concept that will just have you triumph independent of the circumstances, but at upper tiers of PvP, everyone is skilled, and racials make massive differences. Even at lower tiers, racials can and will decide victory and defeat. But it is true that the average WoW player is rather awful at PvP and can be readily defeated regardless of racials if you're skilled. If you believe there is no real difference between an Undead Rogue stunlocking a Human Warlock (where WotF + trinket makes CCing the Rogue infeasible) and a Human Rogue stunlocking an Orc Warlock (where Orcs have 25% stun resistance), you are simply delusional. Similarly the difference between Troll Rogue vs a Dwarf Priest (has Desperate Player, breaks Blind with stoneform) and an Undead Rogue (breaks WotF) vs a Night Elf Priest (no Desperate Prayer, no Stoneform, and dodge does not apply when stunned, casting, or attacked from behind, iirc) are also considerable. Mages and Priests are usually considered easy match-ups for Warlocks, but that changes if the Mages and Priests in question are Undead. Troll Mage vs Gnome Warrior is also a much better match-up for a Warrior than Gnome Mage vs Undead Warrior, because Escape Artist matters a lot when it comes to the kite. Whether or not a Warlock or Priest gets to make a Fear stick can and will determine who wins or loses a fight. A Rogue being unable to Blind enemies also considerably weakens his options. And so on. Now you mention you know this because of Arenas in WoW, but in Burning Crusade at least, there were a lot of team compositions (especially 2v2 comps) that required specific racials to be feasible, like UD for WotF in order to survive multiple fears. Additionally, a Shaman or Druid that has War Stomp can do stomp+cast combos to pull potent stunts in positions that other races cannot. When it comes to serious attempts to grind Arena ladders in Burning Crusade, racials are actually a significant factor in your performance.
  2. Aethelwulf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    Ah, for the thottbot comment, this is the right one: https://web.archive.org/web/20070214091944/http://www.thottbot.com:80/?sp=20293#v798803 It spells it out in no uncertain terms that Seal of Righteousness does not scale up with weapon speed and that you should use a faster weapon for more DPS from +holy. Seal of Righteousness's spell damage coefficient did not scale with weapon speed. This is a fact. Perhaps he was on a bugged server, hm? I'm familiar with the jokes, but that doesn't prove this video wasn't a private server vid. Setting working patrol patterns in a private server is extremely easy. The problem is making sure all the patrol patterns are set correctly, since that's obviously a lot of work. The idea that a private server would have working patrol patterns in the newbie leveling zone is thoroughly unimpressive. Elysium is not like vanilla. Elysium had its population surge and from there on out began to sit on an aging population. During vanilla new players were joining all the time and older players would leave or servers would have splits and offer migrations. There were always players in the newbie zones. And yet there was absolutely no one around in any of the zones while the Paladin soloed Hogger. I won't rule out the possibility of it being a vanilla server, but I find it unlikely. People didn't just use private servers for faking achievements with cheats. They also used it to amuse themselves with solo play and just posting up solo achievements, a decent number of which employed bugged private server mechanics. Soloing hogger is definitely something I could see someone doing on an empty private server before they get bored.
  3. Aethelwulf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    If you pay attention to the thottbot poster's math, you'll notice that the numbers clearly indicate that the spell damage does not scale to the weapon's speed. He is doing math to Seal of Righteousness. And Flametongue Weapon and Seal of Righteousness operate on the exact same mechanic. As for the video, first of all 6-7 damage is possible with SoR and Judgement of Crusader at level 9. JoC adds 20 (10% = 2) spell damage and SoR caps out at 4.3 damage. At 6.3 it would indeed do 6 or 7 damage. And that is quite possibly a private server yes. Aside from the various youtube comments declaring it to be a private server, there is also the suspicious lack of zone chat in the video and showing off fake achievements with private server videos was definitely a thing back in the day. Just in case you were thinking WoW private servers only came after WoW vanilla, you are sorely mistaken. The first WoW private servers actually predate even WoW beta. Someone leaked an early WoW client and some folks reverse engineered it to write a server around it. Private servers have been around longer than WoW itself.
  4. Aethelwulf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    Sounds like Elysium admins got hoaxed by Paladin fanboys again. That video was from a broken private server, because I remember very clearly in vanilla that Shamans were big fans of fast 1handers because of the static 10% scaling on Flametongue Weapon and that SoR behaved the exact same way. And here is a thottbot quote proving that Paladins had static 10% scaling on Seal of Righteousness back in vanilla: https://web.archive.org/web/20070214091944/http://www.thottbot.com:80/?sp=20293#v893406 Basically he does a bunch of math on the DPS contributions from +holy damage depending on weapon speed and points out you do more dps with a faster weapon.
  5. Aethelwulf

    Best PvP-melee class right now

    Thistle Tea is rather powerful and typically a Rogue staple for PvPing. Aside from that Renataki's Charm of Trickery (ZG set trinket for rogues) gives you an instant 60 energy on a 3 minute cooldown.
  6. Aethelwulf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    Seal of Righteousness's base damage scales with weapon speed, not the bonus spell damage. Spell damage is just a flat 10% added to your SoR damage (and the Improved Seal of Righteousness talent only affects base damage, not +spell damage) regardless of how fast or slow you swing it, which is why fast weapons are preferred for SoR builds with lots of +holy damage (and for Elemental Shamans who use Flametongue Weapon, which also scales at a flat 10%). A paladin with 200 spell damage swinging a 3.8 speed weapon would probably do max SoR damage and thus do 91.44 damage, with SoC it doubles up and does 182.88 extra holy damage and with Aura of Sanctity it does 201.168 damage. If you happen to have the Vengeance talent's proc active, it will do 231.3432 damage. Seal twisting into Seal of Righteousness does give you a pleasant bump in damage, but it's nowhere near as powerful as you make it out to be. EDIT: I forgot that Seal of Righteousness does 25% more damage when you're using a 2H. I think the numbers would be 114.3 regular, 228.6 with double hits, 251.46 with sanctity aura and double hits, and 289.179 if you also happen to have Vengeance up.
  7. Aethelwulf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    Seal of Righteousness can't crit and scales off of +holy dmg ideally using very fast 1-handers while Seal of Command primarily uses high AP (admittedly it does take +20% of regular spelldmg or +29% of holy iirc) with the slowest speed to scale into supercrits (also SoC is 7 ppm and scales off of your attack's damage, so slower weapons also give you the best DPS). The only exception is weapons that can proc special attacks (which can proc their own SoC procs and even proc off of SoC's proc) but Jeklik's Crusher has a bad, non-Blizzlike procrate in Elysium I believe. I'm sure you can use Judgement of the Crusader to get a large bonus to holy damage on your target but the results are still not that potent. Twisting into a Seal of Justice (which is 4.5 ppm iirc) will also only give you a 28.5% chance of stunning (assuming you are using a 3.80 speed weapon). If SoC doubles your other seal's procs, it gets a bit better though. Paladins just don't have good support for their attack. They're just supports in plate for the most part. Honestly I think it's idiotic that the likes of Foror and Tigole overhauled the Paladin class at launch so that they have bad attacks and bad damage (beta Paladins were a very different class), but the result of it really is that Paladins have the worst offense of all classes in WoW. Then again Tigole and Furor were the kind of tantrum-throwing Everquest players who once crashed an EQ server in protest because they were mad that EQ Paladins and Shadow Knights could also tank instead of Warriors. They really hated effective hybrids. These people were leading WoW in vanilla (because someone decided they must be really good EQ players so they should handle WoW design). It's part of the reason why the itemization in vanilla is so pigeonholed and why Druids got the short end of the stick for anything but healing, although clever gearing of blues and epics could offset a fair bit of that. They were also behind the obsessive endgame raiding and super honor grinding design that demanded no-lifing and tended to leave casual players far in the dust.
  8. Aethelwulf

    Maximum Stealth Level

    Maximum stealth detection possible is +138. This would be a Human Hunter using Detect Hidden (+30) and Perception (+50) while grouped with a Warlock using a Felhunter for the Paranoia (+30) party buff and equipping Catseye Ultra Goggles (+18) and using a Catseye Elixir (+10). Rogues can get +6 stealth detection from 2/2 Heightened Senses and Druids can get +10 stealth detection from PvP gloves. There's also a +10 stealth detection Bloodvine Lens, which is inferior to Catseye Goggles, but at least the lens packs +2% crit (the goggles do absolutely nothing except stealth detection). I believe those are all the sources of stealth detection in vanilla. Rank 1 Vanish gives +170 stealth. Rank 2 Vanish gives +270 stealth. It's simply impossible to spot a vanished rogue, although you could AoE or flare them out of stealth or have them debuffed with faerie fire or a DoT or Hunter's Mark or use an AI-controlled minion summon (trinket summon, book of the dead, exploding sheep, or unusual weapon proc) to attack them out of stealth, since they will happily chase after stealthed rogues without caring about stealth. Phantom Blade and Dazzling Longsword also have a faerie fire debuff proc, although any DoT proc should work fine too (against dwarves you may want to avoid the poison/bleed procs). Vanish's superstealth only lasts 10 seconds, but that's usually enough for whatever you wanted to accomplish. Night Elf gets +5 stealth. 5/5 talent (Master of Deception for Rogues, Feral Instinct for Druids) gives +15 stealth. Boots of Displacement (Naxx drop) or Darkmantle Boots (Rogue only, T0.5 dungeon set) give +8 stealth. Whisperwalk Boots and Nightscape Boots add +5 stealth. The total maximum you can obtain is +28 stealth rating. I believe those are all the sources of +stealth in vanilla. Most players are content with +15 stealth or +13 maybe stealth if you're a Night Elf using boots. Saves talent points, and with that much stealth skill, even if they have +30 stealth detection, I don't think you can get spotted if you're sneaking up from behind, and you need to be very close in front of them before they can spot you from the front. It's better to circle around and sneak up from behind anyway, and if you're already invisible, there's no point in pouring resources into even more stealth. If they have Catseye Goggles or Elixir, the extra stealth skill can make a difference, but that's a rarity. It's also not really worth going out of your way specifically for Humans blowing Perception since the racial bonus is very large and it's rarely activated, and the most you can get as Horde is +23 stealth vs +50 detection so I have my doubts whether the extra 8 is going to make a difference there. The main purpose of +stealth gear and racials is by and large to let you save talent points on MoD or FI. Usually the best PvP race for Alliance Rogues is not Night Elves but Dwarves by the way, since Stoneform removes all diseases, poisons, and bleeds in addition to being immune and getting +10% for another 8 seconds. It even breaks out of Blind like a PvP trinket. That racial helps a lot against Rogues, Hunters, Warriors, and Undead Priests. After Dwarves, I'd say Gnomes are best for PvP. Humans are the best race for PvE though, for the weapon skill and rep grinds.
  9. Aethelwulf

    Ele-Enh Hybrid Dps Spec

    I assumed this was a PvP hybrid, not a PvE attempt at hybrid DPS. At any rate if you could do that, yes you would do extremely good dps, but you still need bosses that don't have nature immunity and you'll want a lot of nature penetration gear too. I don't think people were seriously using this for PvE DPS anyway. IIRC the original trick was that you had to resolve the attack right as you complete cast animation, which would result in you collecting both the attack and the spellcast, but you had to have exact timing to make this work, so you needed special weapon speeds too. IIRC once you start the animation of releasing the projectile the spellcast is considered done, but it's only once the animation finishes that your swing timer resets, so you had to time your autoattacks to release within that window so you could both autoattack and cast without resetting swing timers or cancelling spellcasts. And I think you couldn't manually attack without it disrupting the spell, so you had to have autoattack on and time it just right to fit within that window, but I'm not sure. This was a very rare trick almost no one used, and it's not viable in PvP unless you use a Tidal Charm maybe.
  10. Aethelwulf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    In group PvP reckbombs are rare, since you want to get crit four times in a row to store up that reckbomb. You usually duel or find some mob to crit you repeatedly before walking off to reckbomb someone, and I don't believe you can duel in battlegrounds, so reckbombing in group PvP is really unlikely. Double crit SoC procs are more plausible as a Paladin burst in group PvP, but the odds are very much against that kind of explosive supercrit happening since you need to crit, proc, and crit the proc. Even with a 40% crit chance you're not going to get much more than a 7% chance of exerting that kind of burst on a swing. If you have high crit and SoC up, it can be expected that you will at least land a crit or soc for okay damage, but you don't really have ways to force burst damage (in fact, Paladins have no attack abilities at all, ever since they got savaged by the nerf bat when WoW beta ended). The closest Paladins have to burst is beating someone down while they are hammered. Also, Paladins don't actually have a charge or sprint to serve as a gap-closer (engineering boots, nifty stopwatch, and swiftness potions could provide a sprint though), so when a Paladin tries to run into a fight, it's quite possible he'll be focus fired to death before he arrives in the melee simply because he spent too long in the line of fire before he could even swing at anything. At the very least Paladins should not run in first. Honestly in group PvP the last thing people want is a Paladin who pretends to be a front-liner and gets himself killed by acting like the Warrior's severely retarded cousin. He's much more valuable to the team as an indestructible healer and source of aura/cleanse/blessing. This is true. It's very hard to keep Paladins CC'd. Locking them out of holy school (counterspell, spell lock) is probably the best CC to inflict on them (guaranteed to last full duration - 10 seconds for counterspell, 8 for spell lock), but this requires you to catch them casting, which you can't if they're just using instant casts like cleanse/blessings/holy shock/HoJ/rep. Silence also works well on Paladins, but it has a much shorter duration and it can be dispelled.
  11. Aethelwulf

    SM/ruin vs DS/ruin 16 debuffslots

    That's what SM/Ruin Warlocks are used for, since they don't lose their damage bonus from having a pet out. The only time you should really be witnessing a 3/3 Improved Imp in a raid is if you are threat-capped and are playing MD/Ruin because you needed the threat reduction to do more DPS.
  12. Aethelwulf

    Should I roll human or dwarf priest?

    And Shamans get Poison Cleansing Totems and Disease Cleansing Totems. And you can still have Priests dispel just fine or even have SM/Ruin Warlocks use Felhunters for devour magic dispels. Shamans also bring Windfury Totem and Mana Tide Totem to raids. And an Alliance raid with 0 Fear Wards will likely wipe on bosses that use heavy fear mechanics, so I'll have to strongly disagree with you there. Shamans and Paladins and Dwarf Priests all contribute their own unique perks to raids, but your strange fixation with insisting Horde raids have it so much worse is rather melodramatic.
  13. I strongly recommend playing a Gnome. Being a midget, escape artist, extra engineering skill, and extra int are all PvP advantages. Perception is rather unnecessary when you have catseye goggles + felhunter paranoia anyway. Engineering is essentially a must-have as an Alliance Warlock, since you need another source of CCs. Soul Link requires gearing heavily for spell damage, but it's an option. If you are playing Soul Link build, I strongly recommend spamming ranks of Detect Invisibility and Water Breathing on your pet after activating Soul Link, simply for extra dispel shields. Shamans in particular need to overcome the high nature resist of Felhunters to make a Purge happen, but Priests don't care because their dispel is holy. It works against Rogues too, thanks to Paranoia (+30 stealth detection). By itself that's generally not enough, but if you add Catseye Goggles (+18 stealth detection) from Engineering on top of that, you can spot Rogues from a healthy distance. You can even stack a Catseye Elixir (+10 stealth detection) on top of that if you feel the need for overkill. Consider not attacking with the Felhunter. Honestly, putting your Felhunter in melee range of the Paladin is sooner doing him a favor than you. If the Paladin uses Concentration Aura he has 100% interrupt avoidance anyway. Of course, he might want to use use the Shadow Resistance Aura or Sanctity Aura instead. Felhunters are not humanoids. He can't rep it. What he can do is try to kill it. If he hits hard enough and throws in an Exorcism he might wipe out your Felhunter, but that assumes he's in melee range of your pet to swing at it, plus your Felhunter can self-heal with Devour Magic and you will be casting at the Paladin throughout this. There's also a significant chance that the Paladin will throw some grenade for a stun since Engineering is extremely popular among Paladins. Also, if you spell lock a Paladin out of holy school, he's pretty much dead. 8 seconds of no holy school is devastating to Paladins, since that's all their abilities right there.
  14. Aethelwulf

    Ele-Enh Hybrid Dps Spec

    Roxanne's spec is much better but any elemental spec without 5/5 Reverberation is not a good idea and 2/2 improved Ghost Wolf or 2/3 improved lightning shield is much better than 2/2 improved enhancing totems. I hope you realize that even with the AQ tablets for the extra ranks of strength of earth and grace of air, you're only getting an extra 11.55 in both stats for two talent points, and that's only when you have strength of earth and grace of air out, when you could find yourself using earthbind, grounding, and tremor totems. Incidentally, Guardian Totems is pretty much a must-have when going enhance, simply for the reduced cooldown on Grounding Totem. Here's my variation of that hybrid spec: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#hE00Echqoxibzc Bear in mind that this kind of hybrid generally isn't very good, and you could also just get Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator or Slavedriver's Cane (taking advantage of slow speed with an Earthstrike trinket, Crusader enchant, and maybe Strength of Earth totem for attack power I guess, but you might favor Earthbind for the melee) for your 2H windfury needs while playing a regular 30/0/21 Shaman. In addition the only reason why I bothered with 3/3 Elemental Devastation is because Elemental Mastery lets you guarantee crits on demand. This, coupled with a Tauren's racial War Stomp, means that in melee you can stomp into an autocrit Lightning Bolt and immediately proceed to melee your opponent with your 2H. Normally the proc's far too erratic to be of any worth. And honestly I'm still not sure that proc is any good with its limited duration.
  15. Aethelwulf

    Class with highest ceiling? PvP

    All this noob advice is unpleasant to watch. Rogues are low skill cap. Sure you have a lot of buttons, and yes you have to use them intelligently, but Rogues don't really need to worry much about how their opponent will react, they have the element of surprise, a ridiculous amount of CCs, and they can almost always just walk away from a fight they don't want, so overall tactical considerations in skill rotations are extremely low. You pick your attack patterns and stick to them very effectively. They're pretty much the easymode of PvP. That's why the World of Roguecraft PvP videos lampooned the Rogue class and how ridiculous they are in PvP, going so far as to solo gank a R14 warrior completely naked except for 1 white worn dagger (0.9 dps) by blowing all his cooldowns since the Warrior couldn't really react to anything the Rogue was doing. And escaping from a failed engagement as a Rogue is really easy since you have all kinds of CC, Sprint, and Vanish to get out of a fight. Druids can also pick their fights thanks to Cat Form stealth, but unlike Rogues they don't have the luxury of relentless CC, monstrous burst damage, or vanish. You have to master a large number of forms and abilities and know when to shift between them appropriately to result in victory. You also need to have a very careful eye towards gearing since the PvE sets are just fullblown healing trash and there is a large number of stats to pay careful attention to for PvP effectiveness. You're going to find yourself raiding for a lot of off-set purples and blues. Your primary source of feral damage also comes from AQ. And by the way, you can't use consumables (like potions) while shapeshifted. Tauren Druids are better than Night Elf Druids by the way, because of War Stomp (and the +5% health). Shamans are easy enough to get the hang of, but mastery is another question as mastering your totems and maximizing your grounding totem, fire nova totem, etc. is a different game altogether, not to mention Shamans have zero (!!!) CCs/stuns unless you're playing a Tauren (which you really should) or Engineer so it's much more of a on-your-toes playstyle as careful timing of abilities, solid positioning, and proper faking out of spellcasts to lure interrupts (if an Elemental Shaman is locked out of nature school, he's in deep shit) will make or break a Shaman. Shaman master race is pretty much 30/0/21 elemental. Windfury Shamans are really popular in PvP but they're bad because you get kited very easily, you have no charge/intercept, your self-heals are shit, and you have to pray for that 20% RNG proc to give you victory. The only classes that will freely enter melee combat with you are the classes you'd rather have a shield against. Mages are very fragile but also very mobile, featuring a variety of spells, instant cast spells, and clutch abilities that have to be used properly to win. The usual PvP specs for Mages is Frost which destroys warriors with trivial ease and packs a large number of useful cooldowns and Arcane if you want to be a 3 minute mage who can pyroblast enemies into oblivion before they know what happened. There's more specs and tricks to a mage than that. In fact mages are pretty much nothing but tricks. Warlocks on the other hand have no mobility to speak of, using a single curse, a number of DoTs, and some powerful direct damage spells along with CC in the form of Fear or Seduction, larger hitpoints, and slight self-healing capability to win. Fear is the most easily broken (meaning easily escaped, not overpowered) CC in the game (especially if you are on the alliance where undead can counter your CCs with their racial and Shamans can remove it in regular AoE pulses just by having a Tremor Totem out - it's best to play Warlock on the Horde) and it shares diminishing returns with Seduction (DR = first your CC has full duration, second has half duration, third has quarter duration, then it's full immunity). In a way Warlocks are a more delicate class, since once cornered, most Warlocks are in deep trouble, unlike Mages who have a number of ways to rescue and protect themselves from danger in that position. Warlocks also have very little interrupt avoidance on the whole, and being able to withstand a bit more damage is somewhat of a cold comfort in those conditions, unless they are fullblown Soul Link spec with its extreme tankiness. Death Coil into a fear (or a pet Succubus using Seduction) is just about the only escape Warlocks tend to have from being cornered in melee. Both Warlock CCs share diminishing returns though, so you can't rely on them too much. Unlike Mages (esp. Frost Mages) who can deal with Warriors fairly effectively, Warlocks are in danger from them since Berserker Rage gives them fear immunity and charge/intercept will mean the warrior is immediately in melee range of a Warlock, plus Mortal Strike halves a Warlock's self-heals, so unless they have a Succubus (for Seduction) or Voidwalker (for a giant sacrifice shield) or are Soul Link spec, it can be fairly dire. Hunters I don't remember too much about, aside from ZG trinket burst damage combos and BM pet builds. They're susceptible to deadzoning (a Hunter's deadzone is that distance between their minimum ranged attack range and maximum melee attack range where he can't do anything) but a lot of PvP hunters are BM and thus use their pet to inflict damage. They have a combination of both melee and ranged moves as well as traps, but to the best of my knowledge dedicated melee hunter builds are a rather bad idea (given their extreme focus on agility though they typically do possess melee attack power, crit, and dodge). Priests have a larger bag of tricks if they are Shadow Priests, and ultimately typically win through healing attrition, fear, and soft CCs (slows/silences). They don't hold up well in a direct damage exchange, but their self-heals make up for that, and if they're up against a self-healing class they can usually just mana burn them. Shadow Priests are usually surprisingly tanky. Warriors are much easier to play once you're decked out in epics than at the start. If you have bad gear it's better to PvP as deep Fury spec for the rage generation, Death Wish, and better intercepts but if your damage is high you can wreck people with Arms/Fury 2Hs by doing explosive damage. Warriors are somewhat susceptible to deadzoning (a Warrior's deadzone is the distance between his minimum intercept range and maximum melee attack range) but he can Piercing Shout for a heavy slow on someone inside his deadzone so a deadzone kite isn't that easy. Paladins are fairly boring overall, being a super-defensive class with awful damage that mostly depends on healing attrition to win fights. They basically can't die, but they can't really kill either. They are vulnerable if you manage to lock them out of holy school, since that's everything Paladins can do, or if you manage to burst them down to while they're stunned, feared, or silenced (their PvP trinket breaks stun and fear though). They're very popular in mass PvP though because they are hard to CC and their auras, blessings, cleanse, heals, and invulnerability shield make them good supports (blessings are much weaker against horde players that know how to purge though). Some players will attempt to convince you that Paladins are the best DPS, the best tanks, and the best healers, but these players are diehard Paladin fanboys rather than rational, objective thinkers, so don't believe them. Paladins are overwhelmingly just healers in plate, with a number of utility, stun, and self-defense abilities, and their heals scale the worst with +healing gear out of all healers, but at least Paladins are by far the most mana-efficient of all healers. To give you some context on Paladins' offensive potential: Priests do better DPS than Paladins.