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  1. nemex

    2HFury Raiding Spec

    You can tank any 5 man dungeon and UBRS as arms or fury no problem as long as your gear is adequate. If you're under geared make sure you use any CC's available and do smart pulls. The biggest problem you may come across is DPS pulling aggro. Tell them to chill out and the run should go smoothly.
  2. Thanks for your input. I'm wondering how significant the difference is though because in my guild there's way more competition for CTS than Maladath. I currently use Edge, Vis + Brut and own flameguard so my plan was to scoop up Maladath, use flameguards and bank edge. I don't have access to the spreadsheet at the moment so can't test it out myself.
  3. So you would rank Edgemasters + Viskag + CTS as superior to Flameguard Gauntlets + Viskag + Maladath for a human?
  4. I would focus on getting to level 60 first. While doing that look through the pre-raid bis list for your class so you have an idea what instances you need to focus on. At 55 you can pick up the MC attunement quest and you can also start the Onyxia attunement chain. You can also do some of BRD which might have some pre-raid bis items for your class. T0.5 gear is fine but not optimal. I wouldn't run dungeons to farm for them specifically unless they're in your pre-raid bis list. There's usually better items elsewhere. At level 60 groups will be less hesitant to bring you along so I would prioritize that.
  5. nemex

    Fury Bis off hand question

    I would go with Mira's for off hand since it has more dps than assassination blade and fully buffed you benefit more from the raw stats than the 1% crit.
  6. Hunters can use http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=12903 from the Carapace. Unless the carapace was reserved, in which case it should've been on master loot which from the pic it doesn't look like it was. Doesn't seem like ninja looting to me.
  7. nemex

    Weapon Choice Dps/Skill

  8. nemex

    Fury Tanking Viability

    I tank 5 mans and UBRS all the time as fury and threat is only an issue when you have try-hard DPS. Just cc accordingly and tell them to hold back a bit since it'll just make the run smoother.
  9. Thanks that's what I figured.
  10. nemex

    Increase ignore limit

    Is there a way to just flat out automatically ignore level 10 characters in general? I have spamthrottle and keep tweaking the key words but some still get through, the overwhelming majority of which are level 10 characters.
  11. I've seen the Pristine Hide of the Beast in the AH for about 700g and I'm wondering if this item is even worth it when we have Ogre Forged Hauberk available. Breastplate of Bloodthirst: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=12757 Ogre Forged Hauberk: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=18530
  12. nemex

    Two-handed fury build for Horde

    Arms is a pvp spec, fury is the pve spec. This is the standard spec for 2h fury pve: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LbhxbIbZVVbVMxoVo
  13. nemex

    Selling tanking services

    I've seen 15 - 20g per run offered. Another decent way to make gold could be tanking live strat for a couple of orbs. There's also DM:E jump runs that can be 2 manned with ok gear or 3 manned easily.
  14. nemex

    Ninja Wall of Shame

    That's exactly the kind of attitude that ninja looters rely on. They ninja and it just gets ignored and forgotten so it's more incentive to do it again. Shayathel had ninja'd other items from people before he did it to me and those people did just what you said. When he did it to me and I blew it up in world chat and forums many people chimed in agreeing with me and guess what? That character hasn't been seen since May. What I find more pathetic is people's apathy towards ninja looters which allows this kind of behavior to continue.
  15. nemex

    Ninja Wall of Shame

    I was the one that made the thread and would also spam it in world chat. I made the post on 4/22 and according to realmplayers he was last seen online on 5/15. This is proof that the players can do something about this type of behavior. Naming and shaming does work especially if you're consistent about it and have evidence. Take screenshots, make a thread and post in world chat every time you can without being too spammy and annoying.