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  1. Recruitment is still open! Join us for our last progress on Saph and KT.
  2. Last call to apply before we start clearing Naxx.
  3. Join us for Naxx - we can probably use anyone interested in returning to server and clear etc.
  4. kwazzy

    Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    Also one guy in my guild got it his first BRD run.
  5. kwazzy

    Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    90 runs on my orc warrior, under 10 on my human warrior.
  6. Looking for one tank, with the right experience, personality and IQ. Gear is not a problem.
  7. Recruitment is currently closed.
  8. Thanks for your interest in Gnarly Currently recruiting: Everyone with ability to raid and perform Apply here: http://gnarlywow.shivtr.com/ What can you expect from us? Focused high-end raiding environment on a semi-tight schedule. Almost a guaranteed raiding spot, we don't need you for the bench. A stable place to call home, we are here for the long haul. We joke, make fun of each other, have a real laugh and still get bosses down with ease. We know how to have fun, but also when to have fun. We know how to run a guild and run one well at all levels of progression. We offer you a friendly community of like-minded players. What we expect from you? Willingness to improve and have strong knowledge about your class. High attendance & stable connection as we only raid 3 times a week. Turning up on time is important. Be prepared with the best available consumables. Read our guild forums weekly and have a working mic for Teamspeak. Situational awareness; we look for players who correctly avoid boss mechanics on a consistant basis. Gear is not everything; we value the qualities of an individual over gear. We invest in people. Loot System: We use Loot Council for distributing loot. This prioritizes the players doing a good job and makes it possible to give the gear to the player that are performing well and for whom it will be a big upgrade. Raiding Schedule: Monday - 18:45-22:30 Wednesday - 18:45-22:30 Sunday - 18:45-22:30 Note: Timezone is UTC +01:00 - Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Madrid, Paris. Final Words: Make sure you're just as interested in beating the game mechanic-wise and not only after those purple pixels. Eventually they will come! Contact: Kwazorn / Kwaazorn / Dysith / Dusith
  9. The problem is it took us under 5 days to complete the whole questline, now many guilds just wait for BWL reset, and essentially it will give china another head start to do BWL before us and have the primetime to pvp.
  10. kwazzy


    Good I sold most of my shit boiiiis
  11. Would suggest this, anyone against?
  12. Thunderfury was well investigated by Grave on Nostalrius forums, and I remember at least one admin approving his work. I farmed the weapon based on the stats it had there (admins was aware it was in a balanced state), because it was actually good. This nerf is not logical consistent with the buff of pvp gear, that i approve of, as it make gear balanced and worth getting. Personally I see no reason to make thunderfury weapon an roleplay weapon, as the nerf was obviously a mistake from blizzards side (why buff items from old content).
  13. I agree. We also have a rogue with 1 binding - Now its probably wasted on him, as MH is really bad for rogue.