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  1. I'm a hunter using KTM threat meter, and it seems to lump mine and my pet's threat together. I'd really like a meter that showed us separately. Any recommendations?
  2. . . . thank you! Merry Christmas! And lemme know if you need a hand with anything Alliance-side ever :-)
  3. FeathersForever

    Wenches, old bats, harpy hags, etc.....

    How do you know if a poster is make or female?
  4. FeathersForever

    Gold Farming Etc

    Surely if they removed gold spent on the AH that would be unfair - the person selling an item doesn't know where the gold comes from and hasn't done anything wrong? Or do they also return the item to the seller?
  5. FeathersForever

    Hybrid Class Guilds

    For anyone interested in this, I'm going to be rolling a druid on the PvE server, hopefully with a pali following soon after.
  6. FeathersForever

    How far behind will I be?

    This was worrying me a bit as well - would prefer to play on the PvE server, but there doesn't seem to be much recruitment Horde-side (especially when you narrow it down to EU English-speaking). Will be starting fresh so needing to catch up, and really don't want to miss out on the raids.
  7. FeathersForever

    Stress Test Registration

    Can I just be in love with (a) the fact this project is getting off the ground and ( we have had three languages in this thread, with helpful responses and no-one being arsey? :-) Edit to add: and ( c ) the fact that ( b ) results in cool dude?
  8. FeathersForever

    Hybrid Class Guilds

    Yes, I wouldn't for a moment recommend it for serious progression. Just for people who love the class and want to do something other than heal
  9. FeathersForever

    Hybrid Class Guilds

    Started as a discussion on reddit: https://redd.it/5dlqjm And now has a strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/11678422/r Basically, what do people think of all-druid guilds, aiming to clear as much PvE content as possible? Mention of all-paladin guilds also came up. Most likely as an alts guild / fairly casual guild (because progression certainly won't be fast, and gearing will be painful) Would like to know people's thoughts.